Saturday, May 14, 2011

The CNN Freedom Project - Ending Modern-Day Slavery

最近废话连篇,把这正事都搁置在一旁了。难怪古人说:“明日复明日,万事成蹉跎”。 这稿好歹拖了一个月,就只因为我还写好那 "Take a Stand" 的大字报。其实我只是想放上来,提醒提醒大家和自己,纵然生活逼人,我们还是属于幸运的。个人力量虽小,不过即使只有几个人看到这转载,也希望大家可以感恩,进而在能力范围之内作出贡献。。。


我说:“来,你有空可以看看这些CNN的报道,即使它给不到你方向,不过它绝对会让你觉得你是很幸福的一个。我就经常来浏览,再反省。。。”。 虽然这绝对不是什么好的鼓励方式,不过,最低限度她离开我的位置时,是带着微笑的。希望那时因明白而发出的会心一笑。。。

Has been writting rubbish lately and putting this important post as 'Draft' for long. No wonder our ancestor said 'Procrastination is the thief of time'.  Delayed simply because I have yet to draw the 'Take a Stand' poster, but I've decided not to delay anymore and put up this post right now, after I read another CNN freedom project's article.

Just would like to share this news to remind ourself that, regardless how difficult is our living now (put aside the impact of another round of sugar price raising), we are still belong to the 'fortunate' one (at least this is what I think so).

I can do very little but at least I can share & spread the news, raise some awareness (to my limted readers...muahahaha), and who knows it might have a 'butterfly effect' too?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

笑话 A Joke



感谢上天赐予我一个机会让我成长,让我体验,让我醒觉,让我 ~ 笑!:)


After experiencing a new life (live) experience as in those in Hong Kong Drama (dramatic lah), I now finally understand what was going on and why all the twist and turn happening. I have no more doubt neither anger. In return I learned and I grow.

After all the flash back, its just a big joke to me for now. Hehe, this is what we call Positive Thinking!  :P

Thank God who always make me see and learn, tho its quite a different way this time, but I still appreciate it :)

One record in 2011 Saga. Yay...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Havana ~ My Very First Drive to Town

Yeaappp! First time driving to town (with my beloved GPS of course!), otherwise, I would have say NO NO NO NO NO to meet a friend IN TOWN (coz probably I'll ended up calling taxi... ==')

So here I am, Changkat Raja Chulan, in a sunny windy afternoon...




喜欢建筑物的颜色,喜欢那木制的,长长的桌子,然后来一杯冰凉的 Mojito, 再聊上个小时,很不错的新体验哦!

Like the colours of the building, like the wooden long table, like the bar outside... a glass of Mojito under the hot sun, its pretty much an experience oh!


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