Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Daorae Korean BBQ @ Puchong Bandar Puteri

这草案已经有一年多啦,不过我还是觉得要‘发表’,因为它的食物真的很不错哦,价格和Mont Kiara 那些韩国餐厅比呢,虽然也不太便宜,不过分量就差的远了,我和朋友来这里超过4次,每次都很满意,所以如果有那么一天你想吃韩国烧烤的话,可以考虑这家哦(我只吃过蒲种公主城这分店,所以一切以这家为准)!

This was more than a year ago's 'draft', yet I still wish to post it coz the food is really good, and still good :) I've been to this place for more than 4 times and everytime we came, no complaint. So yes, worth a word (I only tried this outlet which located at Bdr Puteri Puchong, so other branches' one I am not too sure oh). Compared to another Korean BBQ at Mont Kiara, I definitely opt for this one, let alone the pricing is not much huge different, but the portion said something :)
就是这家,在二楼,和Maybank‘隔一条街’而已。 This is the one, opposite Maybank, at second floor.

店里的装潢,有餐桌式,也有席地而坐的。Inside the restaurant, there are dining table style and also the one that sitting on the floor... 

通常要叫两人份才会‘开炉’ Usually minimum two sets to go

看到都想再吃。。。Yum Yum!

很多小菜哦!A lot of yummy side dishes!

我超爱这辣糖,忘了叫什么名堂,还有另外一个kimchi辣糖,可以叫他们加干面哦!I really like this hot soup! But I forgot what's the name, there is another kimchi spicy soup, you can even ask them to add the korean dry noodle oh!

这个就差不多而已 :P This one so so only :P

Hehehe, ordered this korean soju, very the 'kang'(strong), can't finish pun :P heheheh

If you so happens to be at Bandar Puteri Puchong and wish to have BBQ, can consider give it a try!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

南瓜羹 Pumpkin Sago Dessert


西米 (适量)和水咯。


Hello everybody! It's been quite some time's pumpkin sago dessert we learned from newspaper. Keke, I damn like it, super yummy and easy to cook! If you don't like pumpkin, can use other fruits to replace it oh (but of course i think fruits no need cook lo).

Pumpkin (portions depends on individual preferences, the more the thicker the taste)
sugar (we replaced it with cane sugar, quantity depends on how sweet u like!)
Coconut Milk (we replaced it with evaporated milk, more healthy mah)
Sago (mum put damn lot of Sago coz this is one of her favourite :P)
and water of course.

Steps as below, very simple one!
Pumpkin cut into slices, cook together with sugar (water level put until it covered the pumpkin will do) until the pumpkin become soft, then only transfer into blender.

把西米煮至透明代用 Boil the sago until it become transparent, add in to the pumpkin serving later.

把煮软的南瓜打烂(听起来有点奇怪。。。大家就将就些,脑袋有点当机了,哈哈哈。。) Blend the cook pumpkin till fine

加入淡奶和西米就成功啦!Add in Sago & evaporated milk, can serve already!

Good to eat with both hot & cold! I love hot serving, this is usually my Sunday lunch!


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