Thursday, October 28, 2010

难得一醉的大闸蟹 Hairy Crab Extravaganza @ Toh Lee Chinese Restaurant

是餐厅的名字叫难得一醉”啦, 嘿嘿。。。

人家说台上一分钟,台下十年功。很多时候看人家吃好穿好时,我们都会羡慕甚至妒嫉,却不知其实人家做工做到没日没夜,也是辛苦赚来得。。。有血有汗叻!不过我还是搭吃的那个。。。哈哈。。。人好,没变 (呕。。。):P


Alright, first time hairy crab! I know I know, sure got people wondering what happens to me eh keep eating with all these super food (well at least Jeff did so... no? :P).

You see, chinese said 'One minute performance on stage took 10 years of practise behind the scene'. Sometimes we saw people eat well dress well, probably we'll think these people are so freaking rich & lucky right? But sometimes, many of them also work day & night with stress that we won't be able to understand, the money got blood & sweat one leh! Hehe, I salute & respect them :)

But anyway I am still the one tumpang-ing makan, hahaha... what to do, nice person mah me :P (*vomit...)

Here we go, first time tasting this hairy crab with zero information in my brain...

Chrysanthemum as the main flower, elegant & grace...

With the aroma of jasmine tea

The restaurant's environment...


Well first few minutes I still didn't know that all dishes of the day were going to use crab meat as main ingredient... hahahahah... (probably somebody is rolling his eyes now...)
This spring roll is awesome! Crispy & Tasty...

Soup itself is sweet & concentrated, the meat ball is just nice to chew... like the water chestnut in it, like how we made it at home (but home one hardly put crab meat lah...)

Wokie, this is the main actor of the day... first time trying, surprisingly I liked it... hahaha...

这毛蟹真的很毛。。。哈哈。。。开始还以为是紫菜,哈哈哈,还真‘山芭’。想象力丰富 eh? :P
Hmnm... I tot... at first.. its the seaweed that sticked on the crab....hahahahaha... ya ya ya ya ya, I KNOW ITS CALL HAIRY CRAB but you see, my imagination sometimes just have the ability to overwrite the rational thinking... bla bla bla bla bla bla...

Vege vege... a bit too soft(over boil I think) but still taste good :)
A fried rice with not so impressive look, but the taste is good, the aroma of the 'wok' is heavy. Hahahha... what a 'crab' description...

Dessert of the day... hmnm... the 'fruit juice' (ok i donno what it is but tasted fruits...) itself is really so so lo, I wouldn't able to taste it without the ice cream... hehe...

Hehe, the premium fortune cookies... I gave it to the little monster at home, wonder what 'fortune' she had eh?

Am grateful with this new food tasting experience :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LG & Sony @ Ketumbar Hill, Cheras

Alright, back in action with my new blogger friend ~~ The Lion Girl! Hahaa... aiseh, like she said I finally manage to find time date her out :P

Oh ya and why Sony eh? Hehe... Lion Girl's signature = LG mah, so... it somehow trigger my crazy vein to name myself Sony... muahahahahahaha

Here we go, Ketumbar!

Hmnm... pretty Halloween feel eh?

Up hill...not too steep tho...

The 'Guiness Top'. Hehe, its like a huge gym place in natural environment. Don play play ah...

Got lots of 'equipments' here.. hehehehe... very comfortable, reminds me of my secondary school time, while I run around the old stadium merdeka area and saw the uncle aunty playing tai chi etc etc..

Looks like graveyard :P (sorry lo my imagination just went wild...hahahhaa)
Got a mini farm somemore, salute the 'farmers'...

Going downhill...

A point that you can enjoy the birds eye view (I just stop for few seconds coz someone was smoking there, grrrr... wonder its the same one Lion girl bump into??)
p.s. LG said its call 'Top of the World' :P
Down hill... still not too steep...

Hmn, looks challenging right? :P
Tada!! Here we are, reunion! Hehehehe....
Overall its a nice experience and especially I've got to meet my 'blog pal' eh? Ketumbar is quite easy to hike and you can even go round and round and round to achieve your 'quota' of the week :P

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

依然故我 Leave me Alone


我礼貌的说 “每个人都是不同的个体,应该互相尊重,接受”。




所以,凡是我坚定的说“我不要”时,我就是真的不要。 拜托不要跟我婆妈苦苦相逼好不好?




其实, 我只是想斯文的说一声“拜托,给我点私人空间,不要干涉,离我远一点”


Aiseh, 爽了。。。

English version is very simple, I just wanna say, freaking leave me alone if you still failed to understand me or accept what I am!

It is ok that you wanna think in your way, but DO NOT apply what you think of me ON me. Please, leave me alone, you can enjoy your own piece of thinking but do not come and interfere me.

I thank you for your 'care' but I've had enough and you may wanna save it for others (oh yes pls do so!).

So if I said, please shut up ~ DO SHUT UP
And if I said firmly and nicely I DONT WANT ~ please, just f*cking accept it and leave me alone!

生平第一次赢得戏票 ~ Takers, My first winning Movie Tickets

赢啦赢啦!哈哈。。。上星期三收到这电邮通知时还有点难以置信,读了好几次之后确定不是幻觉,才敢回复保留戏票。所以啊,不试过就永远不会知道结果huh(当然有些东西不能乱试 啦)?


Win Win Win! Hehe, at first couldn’t believe it when I received the email notification last week, after read it few times and confirmed its not hallucination only I dare to reply to reserve the seats. Hehe… never try never know huh? (well of course there are things that you don’t wanna try ok.)

How’s the movie? Ok la, robbery, for sure have those ‘Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!’ scenes and sound effect lo. Lucky there are 2 handsome faces in the movie, else would be a bit torturing as we seated quite front row…

p.s. tq mememe for the time yesterday ;)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

探班汉堡记@ Solaris Dutamas's Pink Sage Burger

Alright everybody, let me proudly introduce you the super burger at Pink Sage, Solaris Dutamas! How was it? The photos will give you the answer...

The ambience is soothing and comfortable...

洗手间。。。一开始还真看不懂关‘粉末’什么事,因为我从来没有‘补粉’的习惯。 哈哈哈。。。反而是男生看的懂,糗!
Wash room... at first couldn't understand why there is this 'powder' wording on the door, hmnm... hardly make up mah...
一瓶白开水给你,省下向侍应讨开水的功夫 :P
Hehe, given a bottle of plain water that save our trouble to ask for it...
Clams soup (ok its original name is clams something but i canot remember lah)
Very very nice! The taste of seafood(clams) is so rich yet not fishy.
Yummy yummy...

奇异果、百香果和芒果冰沙,开胃的很呢!而且有助消化 :P
Kiwi Passion Fruit Mango Smoothies...hmmm...fresh & ease my digestion :D

Cheese burger with fries & coleslaw
体型不大但‘内涵’丰富 ^_^
Not a super huge size but rich 'content' :P

Hehe.. the picture itself already pretty self explanatory liao right? Yes, it is TASTY!
Mushroom Beef Bacon burger, as good as the cheese burger with additional taste of bacon, hehehe... I like this more :P

Little pickle that beautify the burger set...
Cappuccino of the day, perfect ending of the dinner :)
The Pink Sage Diner & Pantry
A4-UG-01 Solaris Dutamas
1 Jln Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Friday, October 22, 2010

江户一 ~ Edo Ichi

Lazy to go home such, victim of the day (Little Dino) had sacrificed his dinner time to be 'comfort women' (err... shall be 'comfort man' huh?). Hehe, well at least someone company him to try out the japanese food mah right right? :P
Here we are ~ Edo Ichi @ Solaris Dutamas!

Wide varieties of Sakae
The menu itself is pretty attractive...
Pretty special design, but couldnt understand a word at all...
冷面,还真的很冷叻,不太习惯,滑溜溜的 =='
Cold soba... really cold cold one, hehe... taste okok but not so used to it...
呵呵,尝试把它加入冷面,不过一秒钟之后就决定放弃此举。。。结果它依然美美的站在那里。。 :P
We tried to put it inside the soba but... stop after a second of trying... so it still stand there nicely at the end :P
这个合口味 :)
Ok this one taste pretty good :D
Super fresh wasabi, nice!

See also felt it taste good eh? But personally felt that the way they cut it...erm... slightly affected the taste of it.. (ok this is really something very personal ok, maybe I'm too picky or my palate got problem :P)

寿司盘,中间那堆虽然其貌不扬但却是最好吃的。呵呵。。。中排最右边的还是第一次吃,还是不习惯不过很庆幸有勇气尝试 ^_^
Sushi plate... yummy yummy, hehe, first time tried out the middle right one.. bit geli but at least I try something new eh? :P
Hot hot prawn tempura, also very very nice :D
Mocha Ice Cream, perfect ending of the dinner...

Finally willing to go home happily... hehe... a blessing day...
备注:照片通通都是恐龙仔供应的,俊样如下 :P
p.s. all photos supplied by 'comfort women' of the day, hehe.. Dino's production, trade mark as below :P


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