Friday, September 30, 2011

久违的衬衫 The long adsence shirt...

这衬衫少有三年没‘发市’,原因很简单 ~ 因为我超讨厌烫衬衫,而且穿起来一点都不舒服,绑着绑着那样,唉,反正就是不爽。



I hardly wear shirt. Given a choice, I will definitely not wearing it. Put aside the hassle of ironing it, its just so uncomfortable to me.

And today I am wearing this shirt - after... more than 3 years? Hahaha... reason is very simple, I've gotto attend an external meeting.

It's just so uncomfortable. Physically and mentally.

What does this uncomfortable feeling tells?

Clearly, it is telling me loud that ~ look dude, this just ain't what you like and what you want.

Me: Ok noted. But... still need it for a living mah, will change whenever got chance ok?

Shirt: Ok...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lion as a Pet ~ Christian the Lion

Back to the 60's in England, people can actually had all these protected animals as pet… and this Lion & the 2 loving masters was really a legend. It was just beautiful and amazing. A lion can remembered his human friends after a year’s separation, can you believe it? Wow..

Find out more in youtube by typing in ‘Christion the Lion’.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011




是性格所致呢,还是这种男人永远不会被我遇上?还是太独立或自尊心高?还是不会‘撒娇’ 使手段?哈哈哈。。。真的是值得研究。

可能我是被动的吧,总觉得要开口或用些小手段得到手的东西都有点那个。。。所以啊,通常我会‘等’ 男人自动自发的做些什么,我去旅行你要给pocket money固然好,但是要我开口暗示或明示恐怕等到下辈子都学不会。


Sunday, September 11, 2011

人生的第一个马拉松 Salomon X-Trail Run 2011~ My Very First Trail Run!

我第一次跑步道马拉松哦!一直都不爱长跑因为觉得很无聊而且很怕跑到一般时。。。迷路 ==||
Here it is, my very first 10km Trail Run! I never like marathon because... I don't wanna get lost half way mah, muahhahaha.... not much of trees, but green green grass, I saw a horse, KL Cats passing over, and a lot of muds! Thanks buddies for making it work!
Why I choosed this? Coz last year's train run shows lots of trees mah, I tot its something like gasing hill... hohohoo

After more than 10yrs, mama stand a chance to help me pin the number again! Woo... suddenly so missed the once a year sports day...

Starting point, reminds me of the sports day again!

Yay yay, we made it!

值得纪念的一刻。。。Memorable moment...

终于有缘可以3人合照了!多得Malaysia Runners Network...
Finally the 3 crazy fellows togther! Thanks to Malaysia Runners Network!

hohoho... white bcome yellow...muddy muddy muddy...and thanks to this I stand a chance to wash shoes! After... how many years already? Can't even recall....

Gee... my very first marathon metal! Yay...
Metal for first 5(or 10?), cool huh?
And a very rewarding breakfast!

It's a very special & memorable day, Thanks buddies!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Endomondo ~ The Very Cool Apps!

近来下载了一个个人觉得超好用的程式 (apps 中文是不是叫程式啊?还是应用程式??),做起运动时就更起劲了。。。来看看
This is a free apps and I found it awesome! More motivated for the workout...Take a look...
程式叫 Endomondo
This is the app's name ~ Endomondo

Choose the sport before your workout and start

The app runs with GPS so will show u real time data during your workout. Cool huh?

Pretty cool huh? rabbit & kura kura...

Can show clearly on the route...

If hiking, can login to the URL to check the altitude oh. Hehehe...

Sunday, September 4, 2011

超级星期天 Extreme Hiking Day

一天跑两个山头 (Cheras Ketumbar & Saga)还真的是第一次,所以说,和不同的人混在一起会有不同的化学反应,今天这个组合绝对是 short 的,不过也绝对是个会把我推向另一高峰的组合,湛!

One day run 2 hills (Cheras Ketumbar & Saga) really first time in my lifetime, in a way today's hiking mate are hyper super & crazy type of persons, but sometimes U'll be surprise how far u can go when u mixed with this kind of person :p

Saturday, September 3, 2011

轻松陶波 Taupo, NZ

基本上来到陶波 我们的行程已经变的很轻松了。其实这里的活动多得是,可以泛舟看峭壁上毛利族的雕刻,更可以尝试心跳一百的‘跳飞机’(sky diving),不过通通都得看老天爷的‘脸色’,不是光有胆量就可以的。


Our itinerary became more relax when we arrived at Taupo.  In fact there are many activities for you to explore, like canoeing to see the Maori Carving on the cliff & even sky diving! But of course all have to depends on the weather, not only have 'gut' then you can do it ok...

We've took the Huka Falls river cruise, witnessed the Aratiatia Dam and had our very first movie here in NZ!
Entrance & the cruise that we're gonna ride on

Nothing much along the river until approaching Huka Falls

The water of the falls are extremely clean, the cruise captain made 3 round turning here and we've got enough time to enjoy feel the falls and took photos.

After the cruise it was about time for the dam to open the gate, since the timing was so right, of course we shouldn't have missed it lo. 

Before the gate opening. The water is gonna fill up the rivers as shown in picture on the right.

It is kind of spectacular...

The zig zag way at downstream become more obvious after filling up by the waters...

Guess what? 7.20pm was the last show and it is FREE SEATING. Ya man, free seating! Hmn, lucky we still manage to secure some nice seats. According to my friend only few of the big cinema in the city has allocate seat when you bought the tickets woh...In fact, M'sia's cinemas are pretty cool!
We watched Pirates of the Carribean here... hehehe


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