Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lion as a Pet ~ Christian the Lion

Back to the 60's in England, people can actually had all these protected animals as pet… and this Lion & the 2 loving masters was really a legend. It was just beautiful and amazing. A lion can remembered his human friends after a year’s separation, can you believe it? Wow..

Find out more in youtube by typing in ‘Christion the Lion’.


LionGirl said...

Eh, for a moment I thought you are talking about me as a pet! Ahahahaha!!!! Thanks for sharing!

[SK] said...

not surprise at all, animals do have their "human" traits also.. but are really rare case, unless you developed a strong bonding with them..

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Perhaps the lion's memory chip is far more advance than humans haha. Lovely and touching story.

Casendra said...

LG maybe you'll be the private precious pet of someone in the future :P Kekeke

SK... err... i was surprised after 1yr seperation Christian still remembered them, and another reunion after 2/3yrs when Christian already an 'adult', man, he still remembered them! That I was a bit shocked... we're talking about lion not dog/cat leh. Hahaha... but the 2 fellows also very daring & loving... indeed, its really rare...

Bananaz, maybe u are right, or maybe we never tap into Lion's world? :P

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