Monday, May 18, 2009

慈善义跑_Charity Run_27 Jul 08

Date: 27 Jul 2008
Time: Early morning
Venue: Nan Yang Shang Pao, KJ area

We were doing some patrol job here... Dawson & Leong riding on a motor without helmet, HH & Cas was trying to get some 'passengers' in the kancil but at only 2 participants hop in I think :P

Then dim sum session... then Karaoke... Bryan lost his smart tag... quite a day huh??

Quite a huge group this time huh... it was early in the morning before 7am I think :)

Me & HH - she drove & I was showing the participants on how many meters more towards the destination...MANUALLY... saw the white board?? :P

In this picture: Dawson(front left), Hooi Hooi (left 2nd), Casendra (left 3rd), Bryan (at the back)
Group photo with MY FM DJ...

One of the very few sessions our lady had Karaoke with us oh.

[义工志_Charity] A day at Beautiful Gate_17 May 09

Date: 17 May 2009
Time: 9.30am - 2.30pm
Venue: Beautiful Gate - PJ SS2, Malaysia
Tasks: Spring cleaning (under World Vision Malaysia)
Members: Bryan, Dawson, Leong, Michelle Wong & Casendra

Well well well, finally our 'website' is up! Thanks to Dawson who gaves us the magnificient idea of the blog name - Day day is good day (I don't even need to look for alternative domain name). ^_^

So, yes, I'll try to note down the works that we've done & is going to do together and place it here, to the memorial of our FC club's work & our friendship!

Alright there is no before and after photos to compare with, but but... isn't it clean??? :P

Leong really did her part... look at the slope way, not even a tree leaves...there are another two ladies in this cleaning task - Lin & Felicia...

This was on of the area we 'devoted' ourself... repack the soil with bare hands, but... our hands didnt get any 'smoother' tho...

3rd area we 'conquered' -- The Garden (in the picture: Leong)

Alright, here comes Dawson... he said his mum is going to screw him if she saw him doing these works... reason?? hehe, quite predictable, see if you've got it right! :P

Bryan & Dawson move this green plant from the flowerpot into the ground...

Errm... throwing rubbish... (in the picture: Bryan)

The view after some re-arrangement work...didn't manage to capture the last view tho... imagine some plant queing behind the bricks...

Here comes my niece - Michelle Wong. Her first time volunteer work under the order of the parents... hahahahaha....


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