Thursday, August 25, 2011

双彩虹 Double Rainbow, NZ

哇!彩虹!双彩虹!哇。。。好清楚!哇哇哇哇!哇!哈哈哈。。。记得当时是这样的。哇到连后座昏着车浪的仁兄都被我们惊醒了,然后就很合拍的拿出他那超级相机‘ kicak kicak' 的狂拍。呵呵呵。。。

Wah! Rainbow! Double Rainbow! Wah... so clear... see.. wah! wah wah wah wah wah! Hahahaha... that was how we reacted when we saw the double rainbow while driving... we 'wah' until the fellow who was suffering from car sick also awake... and immediately took his camera 'kicak kicak kicak' trying to help us took as much photos as possible ...

Couldn't remember for how long I didn't see such a wonderful, complete rainbow, and I was told that double rainbow brings luck! New Zealand, such a pure land that reminds me lot of forgotton memories and feelings...
Felt as if the rainbows are running with us, wonderful... 

So close!

Hei, one corner and its infront of us!

I truely believed that it brought us luck, otherwise, we wouldn't be able to see the magnificient view of Tongariro Crossing ... 

阳光的一天 A Warm Sunny Morning



Exercise really a great way to release tension & cleansing our body & mind. I was feeling one kind yesterday and went run for half an hour after work. After the sweat, man the world become brighter and nicer! Hahaha...

It's a very Sunny & Warm morning today... at least this is how I felt... day day is good day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

就是不能做好人 Just Can't Be Nice



You see I really can be a nice person and I normally am a nice person. I know we all just working for life not much work for fun, so I usually tend to be very considerate. But some people just like to take advantage even thought that this idiot - me, really nice to bully.

Ok lah maybe I'm easy to be cheated but you better don't let me find out ok. And if I ever sound you, you better behave and get off, otherwise, I'll make sure you'll be very very sorry about what you did or what you plan to do.

So human, don't you ever try to take advantage or cheat again ok. I'm gonna make u OFF.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

奥克兰的种种 Auckland~Auckland

Thanks to my dear friend, we've spend few days in Auckland. We walked around the city for the very first day until my friend off duty. Hehe, there are pretty lots of asian in Auckland, there was a time 3 of us sat at the bus stop and opposite the road another bus stop, also another few asians waiting for bus. Hehe, sometimes we don't really felt as if I was at overseas...
A fresh and peaceful morning at the dock
A very creative advertisement...hahahahah
Abang adik...
This is Victoria Street, at first I thought it would be very lively and has lots of shops & souvenirs and fruits...but, there were only few shops open and it is seriously very very quiet over here... nothing much to explore... 
Auckland Ferry Building. I used this as landmark to remember the direction.... but mostly is my friend who help identify the way lah... hahahahaha
This is the famous SkyCity. There is Casino, restaurant etc etc... take a look at the right picture, you can walk at the edge or choose to 'slide' down (ok to me more like jump down/suicide) from the top... Didn't do any of this here, kind of costly and scary lah.
After the bus tour we decided to look for the museum as well...
The green green grass in front of the Museum...felt so comfy with the winds blowing along...
Walking along the street suddenly saw this 'bungy' being 'shoot' into the sky...
A very nice night scenery along the bridge while awaiting our nice dinner...
I guess this is our most official and fine dinner in NZ. Hehehe.. the taste of the food & ambience of the restaurant is really good.
Kiwano. 来到人家的地头当然要试试本土食物。结果我们买了这个连一些当地人都没吃过的Kiwano回去(我朋友的老婆说看样子就觉得它不怎么所以她没想过要吃,哈哈哈。。。)。我是觉得不那么好吃啦,里面就好像黄瓜的种子那样咯,没有标签上写的‘像柠檬和香蕉的味道’
Must try some local stuff mah right? Hehe, so we bought this Kiwano back (which my friend's wife also never taste before, she said it doesn't looks tasty so many of them didn't even think of trying it out...hahaa). So we all had our first experience with this Kiwano. Errr... taste so so to me leh, like the cucumber seeds ==|| Couldn't really taste what the label said 'taste like lemon & banana'....
Friend brought us branch here so that we can take a look at the vineyard as nice of them :)
We've also visited the places that sell honey. Then adjourned to this Macadamia farm, its not huge the farm but there is a small restaurant here oh :)
然后就沿着山路来到这海边。 感觉很奇怪哦,途中怎么都不觉得是往海边的路行驶。。。呵呵呵
And then... we were crossing all the hill road to reach this Bethells Beach! Funny huh? :P
Even though it was almost winter, there were still quite some people bringing families & doggy coming over...
A very soft black sand...
This couple friend always give me a 'fairy couple' feel, the way they interact, the respect and understanding is really rare nowadays.  Thanks for the trip dude!

Oh Oh, we also played VII in my friend's house and luckily didn't get complaint from neighbour of the noise we made. Hahahahahaha

Friday, August 5, 2011

贺州-姑婆山国家森林公园 He Zhou~Gu Po Shan National Park

这是[茶是故乡浓]、[酒是故乡醇] 的拍摄地点,这样大家会比较熟悉吧?位于广西东北部,总面积8000公顷的姑婆山国家森林公园啊,听说是华南地区最大的天然森林氧吧。这里有茶园,瀑布和延绵不绝的山脉,景色是一流的,只是地方太大,我们这些走马看花的旅客又哪能一一品尝呢?不过可能因为季节的关系,个人认为金马伦的茶园比这里的美多了!

This is where 2 of the HK Dramas (Plain Love II & Country Spirit) framing. Sounds familiar? It is located at North-East of Guang Xi, about 8000 hectare and is said that this is the biggest 'Natural Forest Oxygen Bar' around this area. There is tea farm, waterfalls & stretches of mountains that half a day even 1 day is definitely not enough time to explore it all. Tourists like us, of course we've just had a cursory tour on the main attractive sight seeing point here...

入门处 Entrance

Lucky there is shutter services, else I'm not sure if we can walk from one place to another... its just too huge here...

Seriously, I don't really find this waterfalls very unique or even 'amazing'... probably I've got too much of expectation from it...

Like this scenery as it mades me felt warm by seeing the friends & family coming out together during festive ...

Actual scene doesn't look as 'large' as the one we saw in TV :P 

Stuff used to make vine... mum saw it before oh!

Hmnm... not easy to reach this Temple... scroll down & you'll know...

These 2 'tripod' looks kind of an antique to me :P

Must climb up this steep staircase to reach the temple  =='

This is another small village that built for a drama filming. Very nice village but after the filming nothig much left. If the government rent out the shops for trading I guess it will be must more lively...

Love this small stream that surrounding the village...

Having a shelter here, pretty nice...
Overall this a very huge place to explore but probably we've got too little time so I couldn't really enjoy each and every of it, and to me its not a must go place if you do not have much time...


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