Wednesday, August 29, 2012

怀念我的真 Miss My Real


Pretend, could be challenging to old women like me. As such, Max I can only choose not to have direct conflict with people, but to cow down like a slave... Sorry, it's just no way.

Sometimes be nice to ourself is also a way to respect live.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Levain 咖啡屋

上个周日终于在天时地利人和的情况下和朋友来到这个他讲了很久的 ‘人家一直推荐,很美的喝kopi的地方’。

到达的时候我差一点就笑死,我说 “老兄,这里看来是喝咖啡,不是喝kopi的喔,应该没有‘参冰’的喔”。哇咔咔咔咔。。。来看看!

Last Sunday we finally made it to this place as friend has been mentioned it N times after our routine hiking. He said, 'eh my friend said there is this place drink KOPI very nice one, find a day go try it out...'

When I reached...I almost burst into laughter.. I said, "Friend, seems like here only got coffee not kopi woh, I think don've have 'charm ice'"...hahahahahaha. Let's take a look.

This is it. Transformed from a banglow...quite europe feel eh? :P

I seriously felt that the ambiance of this coffee house is really comfortable, if the weather is good, choosing outdoor seat  shall be pretty enjoyable...

On the left after entrance, are all the tasty bread... drooling...

After you placed your order, they will send over the food & beverages, so you've gotto choose a seat first oh. But you can pick the bread & cake, paid & start the food feast first... hehehe.....See the blackboard next to the counter? It will teach you how to order...
see see see, I damn like this counter because of the colour! but this time I didn't try any of it, save it for the next! But first row... macoroni? I sure won't touch lo, too sweet...

环境很不错吧,而且客人也不会太喧哗 :)
Environment pretty comfortable, and customers also not too 'loud'...

咖啡浓度适中(ok 对我口味,你们我就不知道啦)面包也很可口。。。
Coffee is fantastic (ok suits my taste la, you guys I'm not sure...), bread also tasty, yummy yummy...

吞拿鱼意大利面条 ~ 讲真的,出奇的好吃哦!微辣,味道就是刚到位(可能真的很饿??)这个行!
Tuna spaghetti... surprising taste good! Mildly spicy... taste just right!(maybe I was really hungry??) This is good!

Overall I will recommend this place, let alone the nice ambiance, it was not even over price. So, dropby for the ambiance if you have time! Here is the address:

No 7, Jalan Delima Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603-2142 6611
(GPS Coordinate update later :))

Saturday, August 11, 2012

第二十天 The No. 20 Days


Change a new job, out early back late (yeah lousy english...hahahaa), blog also growing grass already.  Haih, I'll update something more meaningful ya. Hope everyone is well!


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