Saturday, December 29, 2012

阿茂整饼之香蕉蛋糕 First time baking ~ Banana Cake

First of all, thanks for all who concern bout me (esp my cacat leg), and special thanks to Jane for her big box of self made soap (share next :)).  Lately been busy and lazy, hehehe, but I think I shall really update here before end of 2012! 
Today the oven finally start its business! Hohohoh.... with Aunt's help, success!

Scared it wouldn't 'up', kekeke, but still gotto bake by tuning the up and low heat... hmnm, if I were to do this alone, sure gone case one... hahahaha


Kekeke, nice! Taste not bad oh, just that the banana is not sweet enough, otherwise it would be even better! Success!

Happy New Year everyone! Wish you all healhy, happy and positive always in the coming year!


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