Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 年第一壮举 - Calling AirAsia 2 Hours

这是亚航的团购销售线,看,我等了近两个小时都没人接电话,周围同事听那个on call的音乐听到快疯掉了,同场有另外两个同事看我等到那么可怜也帮忙抢线,形成一个小小的surround system,不过最后他们还是挂线了(结果旁边那个90年代的小弟连打字都无法集中精神。。。可怜到。。。)
可是我就是不甘愿,没有理由等了那么久才挂线嘛,所以就拍个照放上亚航面子书消遣下时间,结果。。。突然有人 'Hello .....'
This is AirAsia's group sales line, see, I've been waiting almost 2 hours but still no one answer, my colleagues almost gone crazy for hearing the on call music for such a long time.  Another 2 colleagues see me so miserable die die waiting, so they also help to call the number hoping can get through the line (which made a surround sound in the office... and the 90's boy sitting next to me... poor guy, can't even focus to type...) but at the end they also put down the phone...
But then, since I've been waiting so long, couldn't just hang up like that right? Must wait! Die die waiting... and snap this picture to upload onto AirAsia's facebook page for passing time...
Suddenly... 'Hello....' Wah.... someone actually really answer the phone! I was like... yes yes, I wanna make booking!
Persistancy! Yes, this is something I gotto learn from this year onwards! 


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