Wednesday, September 5, 2012

飞哥跌落坑渠 Fei Gor Jatuh Longkang


万幸是外伤不多,不过到今天左脚依然站不直, 所以死死爬去医院照X光,怎知医生说要做磁力共振(har??),最坏要做小手术(再har??!). Walau, 本来超正能量的我还真的有那么一点点的沮丧呢。

不过。。。当工作人员用轮椅推我去买Starbucks 时,我还是觉得很搞笑啦。哈哈哈。。。

最新消息: X光结果没事,现在等做磁力共振咯。



Yesterday was half way writing my '1st Sept' but today report duty to hospital already. Hehe, actually I accidentally step into the manhole in front of my new house and 'piak' stick on the floor like spiderman the next secs.

Very fortunately no bad injured no stitches face teeth all cantik, just that till date left leg still swell n can't stand straight & rib cage started, c-ray lo. But sekali doctor said u need an MRI (har??), well worst case just need to have a minor surgery(another har??)

Aiseh, I was very positive since last Sat but when I heard bout minor surgery, hmn, bit bit despair la, as it's gonna be miserable...

Tapi, when the portal push me to Starbucks (ya man first time on wheelchair! Hahaha) ta bao lunch... I still feel funny, wakakkaa (seems cant turn myself into victim mode :p)

Although after 5 days only I make it a big fuss go hospital check it out. But since I dont have princess's luck, better be safe than sorry lo, right?

Note: X-Ray result is good. Now waiting MRI lo. Wish me luck all!


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