Friday, February 25, 2011

某人去了台北动物园。。。Someone Went to Taipei Zoo...




In fact it suppose to be, someone went to Taipei Zoo after reading my Taipei Zoo post!

AHahahahahah...Adui, while we were talking about the trip yesterday, my friend suddenly stared at me and start cursing, you lah, because of you ah, I dragged my hubby and friends to visit the Taipei Zoo and we just spend 45mins there! What la you...

Hahahaahahaha... aiyo, saw her crazily mad face I can't help but just keep laughing and laughing and laughing... Hello friend, you must know what you would like to explore and see during the trips mah, and most important, next time please get consult from me personally first lah, hahahahaha... don't diam diam baca and go explore, my itinerary could be boring to certain person leh, coz no shopping eating but just sightseeing! :P

So, know what you want and take my post solely as a cross reference only ok? :P

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fuck You

**Warning: Do Not Read If You Cannot Accept Vulgar Language**

There will be time as soon as u wake up, you'll sense that 'seems today is not going to be my day'. Well, I had this today.

So, I tried to prepare my EQ, and Tada! It did turn out that it's not so my day.

And so, besides Fuck You. Still Fuck You. Fuck you bitch. FUCK YOU. No, you shall go fuck the wall instead. Poor wall.

But, as my wise friend always said, its not your father's company mah right? Why so geram. Well, whenever this sentence cross my mind, I'll be super cool. But I do want to release out the tension, so - FUCK YOU!

Of course, there are more ridiculous things that pop up and say hallo to me today, hahaha... just too tedous to write down.

4 more mins its going to be next day, hahahha... okok, no more cursing.

Of course, my day ended up with a super super long non stop nice catch up with a long lost friend.  Can you imagine we left starbuck after few hours talk and still keep talking until we walked to the car park? Hahahahaha...

Time will tell who will be and can be my true friend, even few years didn't contact each other, this is what I believe, but if people break the trust, then it might take ages to built it back...

Note: I'm seriously fine by now. So, you may need not to advise how shall I deal with this kind of shitty person, and yes, I know everywhere also got such a shitty person. But, it's my blog mah right? Sorry if you get shock after so many FUCK but ... THIS IS JUST ME! Take it, or leave it ;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

刘三姐景观园 Liu San Jie Landscape Park


Ok the translation crap (seriously donno what''s the English version of the park name ==') Anyway its a place that in memorial of Liu San Jie (I guess many of the youngster donno about her, between she's just a legendary character that might not exist... but I damn like this movie, the san ge are awesome!) and you can see the houses and the culture of some of the minority troops in GuangXi. Pretty nice place to visit.

入门 Entrance

那一大朵一大朵的,导游说是新的日本品种(忘了是包菜花还是生菜==') 可以吃的哦
The big big colourful thingy, is not flower oh, its a new species of vege from japan (but forgot if it was broccoli or lettuce ==')

I like this drum path, hehehe... we did hit it maximum!

This Drum Pagoda built without a single nail...

Since Liu San Zie is the theme, for sure there are 'siu qiu' around lo

Didn't expect mother also good in posting :P
Red red across the tree, hehe, full of CNY feel...

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Bad Ass Coffee @ Tropicana City Mall

回家前在这家‘坏屁股咖啡店’(直接翻译咯。。。)和朋友溜达了一下。环境还不错,那有点海边的装潢和音乐,的确可以让人的精神松弛一下。不过那咖啡阿,真的很烂叻,太薄了,有奶或黑咖啡,味道都是一样的淡 ==||



After a long day we chilled out this Bad Ass Coffee @ Tropicana City Mall before we headed home.

Coffee house's ambience was pretty relaxing, with the fake coconut tree & holiday like beach music...but the coffee really 'bad ass', hahaha... It's a no no for me lo (bit way too watery, both black & with milk coffee tasted the same).

We did try their sandwich, and yes, it turns out fine, even taste good :) (that's why no photo, ate before photo taken... hahahaha)

So if you are not coming for the coffee, this coffee house is still acceptable :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

尧山索道 Guilin Yao Mountain


Yao Mountain has the highest hill in Guilin, famous of its natural beauty and the different views in difference seasons. According to the tour guide there are 3 must see things in Rao Mountain, which is the natural sleeping buddha, the GuanYin and the 'Wind Rain Bridge'... (but if you google it then you'll have different information...)
入口处 Entrance Hall
The cable car is not too height from the ground, about 1416.18m long

The view is fantastic, first time see the actual scenery that same as the drawing...

That's the sleeping buddha, its kind of real isn't it?

Bird's Eye View from top of the hill, beautiful ...

Sui Yue GuanYin

Walked pass this 'Wind Rain Bridge', there will be no more storm/obstacle in your way
(erm...if the tour guide  didn't say so I think this bridge would have mean nothing...)

Each of them sized like the palm, price is sky high as well but tasted good oh (non of us buy tho...hehehe)

其实第一次看到这桂林山色,还是蛮震撼的, 也觉得很得意(因为它真的是一栋一栋的,和那些延绵不绝的山脉有着天渊之别。。。)
First time saw the mountain scenery in Guilin I found it fascinating (well you see basically it mountain looks like stand alone and botak botak instead of stretches without a break...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Will Always Love You


Wishing everyone has a chance to say this to someone that you love. Although things might change as time goes by, but at least for once, you mean it, its more than enough right?

Happy Valentine's Day...(well as suggested by a blogger, you may wanna google the origine of Valentine's day...)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

长江旅游游船有限公司 Yangtze Cruise & Tour Sdn Bhd



记得,如果下次你要选‘长江旅游游船有限公司’,千万不要拿以上那个行程,因为个人认为这行程除了前面那两天,其他的真的是差强人意,行程安排不以顾客为先,为了要在广州离境,竟然弄个4-5 小时车程从阳朔到贺州,再到肇庆逛街!

那我为什么拿这个行程?? 错了,我本来是要去昆明的!谁知临出发前长江才打电话给我说因为人数不够,不成团。当中的‘必七’(pik cik) 就别讲了,折腾一番之后选了这个桂林观光团。这是第一个不爽。







6D5N Guilin~Yang Suo~He Zou~Zhao Qing~Shen Zhen

I was thinking not to write this, but after few days, I still feel like say something, so here I am, sharing this little pieces of mind of mine.

Remember, if you ever wish to pick any trip from 'Yangtze Cruise & Tour Sdn Bhd', personally I would advise you not to take the itinerary above. As the itinerary is customized to suit their need instead of customer. Means, for the sake making all customer depart from Guang Zhou Airport (as they chartered the plane), they've customized an itinerary that took 4-5hrs ride from Yang Shuo to He Zou just for ONE sight seeing point and another few hours ride to another place just for another ONE sight seeing point (the 1.20mins cruise) & shopping.

But why did I choose this itinerary? Well, this is not my first choice you see. I wanna go Kun Ming at the very first place! But few weeks right before the trip, they called and said due to not enough people, the trip has to be cancel and asked me picked another trip. Let's omit how 'pik cik' I was and the bullet I got from mother. I decided to go Guilin as this place is less 'dangerous' yet has a nice scenery (mother's point of view). So, this is my first 'unhappiness' of this trip.

But then since we decided to go trip, must go with a happy mood mah right? So lets forget about it and expecting the trip with a positive mind.

But then hor, Yangtze failed to book the morning flight from Shenzhen to Guilin that resulting us have to spend a day hanging out at ShenZhen and took the 10pm flight the same day! Where to go? Wow, they brought us to 'Lotus Hill' (Lian Hua Shan), climb N steps of staircase to watch the effigy of Deng Xiao Ping. Then, shopping. This is the second 'ganasai' in my heart. But still, I try to be positive coz its just first day of the trip, I don't wanna spoil the remaing days!

So? Fine. I try to enjoy and cheer up mama, when we reached Guilin already midnight and seriously half dead. But we try to have faith that the remaining tour shall be back on track and shall be just fine.
Eh, but AGAIN besides Guilin and Yang Shuo, the remaining sight seeing place all took us few hours ride to reach the destination and its just one sight seeing point a day, then free and easy walk and shop.
Fantastic. All and all is just because they chartered the flight, they made all their customer depart from Guang Zhou. It sucks, seriously.

Last but not least, since the whole plane's passengers are YangTze's customer, I've heard some of their feedback on other itinerary as well, and the feedback are so so only.

Meaning to say, their goodwill has dropped and is not as worthy as compared to few years ago.
You may still wanna consider their other China tour package, but this particular one, you may think twice. I would suggest you to take Pearl Holiday's Guilin trip, my colleagues has quite a good feedback on their Guilin tour. So, good luck!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

新年快乐! Happie Happie CNY!


Going Guilin walk walk with mama on 'Nin Chor 1' lo, wishing everyone a very prosperous,healthy and happy new year, Huat Ah! Hahahaha...


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