Monday, February 21, 2011

The Bad Ass Coffee @ Tropicana City Mall

回家前在这家‘坏屁股咖啡店’(直接翻译咯。。。)和朋友溜达了一下。环境还不错,那有点海边的装潢和音乐,的确可以让人的精神松弛一下。不过那咖啡阿,真的很烂叻,太薄了,有奶或黑咖啡,味道都是一样的淡 ==||



After a long day we chilled out this Bad Ass Coffee @ Tropicana City Mall before we headed home.

Coffee house's ambience was pretty relaxing, with the fake coconut tree & holiday like beach music...but the coffee really 'bad ass', hahaha... It's a no no for me lo (bit way too watery, both black & with milk coffee tasted the same).

We did try their sandwich, and yes, it turns out fine, even taste good :) (that's why no photo, ate before photo taken... hahahaha)

So if you are not coming for the coffee, this coffee house is still acceptable :)


jfook said...

I think the coffee is ain't bad.

Casendra said...

hey there, you've tried out also? Errmm... maybe I am a bit picky lo, or maybe its that particular day's coffee went wrong? :P Hehehehe

[SK] said...

while i pretty much think the food looks good, but then the name of the cafe really sounds weird to me.. like yelling to the world "i'm drinking bad ass coffee", sounds quite idiot, hahahaha~~

RealGunners said...

Coffee house that sells not so good coffee... that's a great find! lolzz

Casendra said...

SK, probably tha's the idea?? :P

RealGunners, hehe...true enough, never try never know, but since jfook said their coffee ain't bad maybe I shall give it a second chance when I visit that place again :) hehehe... till then, it is still 'bad ass coffee' :P

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Heard so much about fengshui, law of attraction and vibration but we have daring people who dare to be different going against the flow. Have not taken the bad ass coffee as yet somehow not quite keen to taste 'bad' stuff haha.

古克石の屋 said...


Casendra said...

Bananaz...hehehe, I'll report again if I ever dare to try their other coffee :P



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