Tuesday, February 22, 2011

刘三姐景观园 Liu San Jie Landscape Park


Ok the translation crap (seriously donno what''s the English version of the park name ==') Anyway its a place that in memorial of Liu San Jie (I guess many of the youngster donno about her, between she's just a legendary character that might not exist... but I damn like this movie, the san ge are awesome!) and you can see the houses and the culture of some of the minority troops in GuangXi. Pretty nice place to visit.

入门 Entrance

那一大朵一大朵的,导游说是新的日本品种(忘了是包菜花还是生菜==') 可以吃的哦
The big big colourful thingy, is not flower oh, its a new species of vege from japan (but forgot if it was broccoli or lettuce ==')

I like this drum path, hehehe... we did hit it maximum!

This Drum Pagoda built without a single nail...

Since Liu San Zie is the theme, for sure there are 'siu qiu' around lo

Didn't expect mother also good in posting :P
Red red across the tree, hehe, full of CNY feel...


LionGirl said...

This place is beautiful! Your mummy put on some weight kan? Yah, nice pose lei!
Err, what do you mean by "Since Liu San Zie is the theme, for sure there are 'siu qiu' around lo" ah? What is 'siu qiu' lah?
If I was there, I will hit the drums to maximum too!!! Hahahaha!!! Love your post!

[SK] said...

i heard that have this very splendid performance with Liu San Jie as theme by the sea, did you watch that??

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wow love the nailess Drum Pagoda its a beau..you mean you guys bang the drums and the gongs all the way? That's cool just like when we got back from Tae-Kwon-Do class those days during college days would bang the walls, railings and anything in sight when we walked up our house. The owner must have regretted renting to all the 8 students but one consolation no burglars would leave the house without broken legs or arms unless they came with guns haha.

Casendra said...

LG, the 'siu qiu' hor, you saw the colourful big 'ball'? Minimized it to palm size, last time if a girl give this 'siu qiu' to a guy right, means she likes him and willing to marry him...(erm reoughly like that :P)

SK, got watched, inclusive one mah. Tapi hor, besides the background is so grand and fantastic (coz its actual scenery they make it as 'stage')... the performance... I reserve my comment lo, coz just a lot of people showing up, moving around but no context =='

Bananaz, ya ya we bang all! hehehe which burglar so bodoh storm into the Tae-Kwon-Do teritory lah? :P

Jeff Tan said...


Casendra said...

Jeff, 拜托,此刘非彼刘啦!

Jeff Tan said...



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