Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fuck You

**Warning: Do Not Read If You Cannot Accept Vulgar Language**

There will be time as soon as u wake up, you'll sense that 'seems today is not going to be my day'. Well, I had this today.

So, I tried to prepare my EQ, and Tada! It did turn out that it's not so my day.

And so, besides Fuck You. Still Fuck You. Fuck you bitch. FUCK YOU. No, you shall go fuck the wall instead. Poor wall.

But, as my wise friend always said, its not your father's company mah right? Why so geram. Well, whenever this sentence cross my mind, I'll be super cool. But I do want to release out the tension, so - FUCK YOU!

Of course, there are more ridiculous things that pop up and say hallo to me today, hahaha... just too tedous to write down.

4 more mins its going to be next day, hahahha... okok, no more cursing.

Of course, my day ended up with a super super long non stop nice catch up with a long lost friend.  Can you imagine we left starbuck after few hours talk and still keep talking until we walked to the car park? Hahahahaha...

Time will tell who will be and can be my true friend, even few years didn't contact each other, this is what I believe, but if people break the trust, then it might take ages to built it back...

Note: I'm seriously fine by now. So, you may need not to advise how shall I deal with this kind of shitty person, and yes, I know everywhere also got such a shitty person. But, it's my blog mah right? Sorry if you get shock after so many FUCK but ... THIS IS JUST ME! Take it, or leave it ;)


Jeff Tan said...

teach you one more word... FML!!!

junesoap said...


子平 said...

Guns N' Roses - I Dont Care About You (Music Video)


Casendra said...

June, paiseh ya...不过啊,我是没什么EQ的咯。。。呵呵呵。。。


Jeff Tan said...

L is life... M is my...

Yi said...



Casendra said...

Yee, 不必担心,我从来都不伤及无辜的。。。呵呵。。。真的,要google下粗口发明人的始祖。。。


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