Thursday, February 17, 2011

尧山索道 Guilin Yao Mountain


Yao Mountain has the highest hill in Guilin, famous of its natural beauty and the different views in difference seasons. According to the tour guide there are 3 must see things in Rao Mountain, which is the natural sleeping buddha, the GuanYin and the 'Wind Rain Bridge'... (but if you google it then you'll have different information...)
入口处 Entrance Hall
The cable car is not too height from the ground, about 1416.18m long

The view is fantastic, first time see the actual scenery that same as the drawing...

That's the sleeping buddha, its kind of real isn't it?

Bird's Eye View from top of the hill, beautiful ...

Sui Yue GuanYin

Walked pass this 'Wind Rain Bridge', there will be no more storm/obstacle in your way
(erm...if the tour guide  didn't say so I think this bridge would have mean nothing...)

Each of them sized like the palm, price is sky high as well but tasted good oh (non of us buy tho...hehehe)

其实第一次看到这桂林山色,还是蛮震撼的, 也觉得很得意(因为它真的是一栋一栋的,和那些延绵不绝的山脉有着天渊之别。。。)
First time saw the mountain scenery in Guilin I found it fascinating (well you see basically it mountain looks like stand alone and botak botak instead of stretches without a break...


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Yeah saw the sleeping Buddha..nice bird's eye view..tQ

LionGirl said...

Aiyah, must go for my eyes check up lah. Cannot see the sleeping Buddha. Only saw the naked branches/ twigs.... So sad.

From pictures: this place is all about hills n mountain only ke? How cold was it? Comparable to Genting or colder? No pretty flowers ah? Err, sorry ah, ask so many questions - never been there mah. (I, katak di bawah tempurung...sigh!)

Thanks for sharing. There are more to come, right?


RealGunners said...

actually anywhere u go also got places like the 风雨桥.. nothing special one, just that people say it is famous, mai go there lo...

Casendra said...

Bananaz your eye sight very good oh.

LG, try spot again with your cousins lah :P Yes, Guilin is famous of its hills and mountain and water (san sui...) The whole area, regardless its housing area or farm area, you can always see these hills surrounding, its pretty nice...

Colder than Genting, then weather turns better after 3rd day.

Surprisingly I didn't see any flowers here lo, until we arrive Guang Dong area... weird eh? They said its Winter (so I diam lah, Winter will have Winter's flower mah right? As if the tourist are all dumb dumb like that...) Ya, few more to come :)

RealGunners, ya lo, tapi gotto pretend exciting so that we can be slightly happier than usual eh? hahahahahaha

[SK] said...

wah, very nice scenery up there leh.. and looks like the weather is very cold too.. the logo in the first photo looks like Gucci, haha.. :D

Jeff Tan said...


Casendra said...

Sk, it's pretty cold but still acceptable, yiiii... True also eh, memang 'branded' :p

KF, u sot sot dei already =='


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