Monday, May 18, 2009

[义工志_Charity] A day at Beautiful Gate_17 May 09

Date: 17 May 2009
Time: 9.30am - 2.30pm
Venue: Beautiful Gate - PJ SS2, Malaysia
Tasks: Spring cleaning (under World Vision Malaysia)
Members: Bryan, Dawson, Leong, Michelle Wong & Casendra

Well well well, finally our 'website' is up! Thanks to Dawson who gaves us the magnificient idea of the blog name - Day day is good day (I don't even need to look for alternative domain name). ^_^

So, yes, I'll try to note down the works that we've done & is going to do together and place it here, to the memorial of our FC club's work & our friendship!

Alright there is no before and after photos to compare with, but but... isn't it clean??? :P

Leong really did her part... look at the slope way, not even a tree leaves...there are another two ladies in this cleaning task - Lin & Felicia...

This was on of the area we 'devoted' ourself... repack the soil with bare hands, but... our hands didnt get any 'smoother' tho...

3rd area we 'conquered' -- The Garden (in the picture: Leong)

Alright, here comes Dawson... he said his mum is going to screw him if she saw him doing these works... reason?? hehe, quite predictable, see if you've got it right! :P

Bryan & Dawson move this green plant from the flowerpot into the ground...

Errm... throwing rubbish... (in the picture: Bryan)

The view after some re-arrangement work...didn't manage to capture the last view tho... imagine some plant queing behind the bricks...

Here comes my niece - Michelle Wong. Her first time volunteer work under the order of the parents... hahahahaha....

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Anonymous said...

Keep it going!
Appreciate all your sacrifices.....
We can c things.....
Hope more will join u all...dedicated ppl.
you all are moving the world n it would surely be a better place to live in.
19/5 Anon


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