Saturday, September 3, 2011

轻松陶波 Taupo, NZ

基本上来到陶波 我们的行程已经变的很轻松了。其实这里的活动多得是,可以泛舟看峭壁上毛利族的雕刻,更可以尝试心跳一百的‘跳飞机’(sky diving),不过通通都得看老天爷的‘脸色’,不是光有胆量就可以的。


Our itinerary became more relax when we arrived at Taupo.  In fact there are many activities for you to explore, like canoeing to see the Maori Carving on the cliff & even sky diving! But of course all have to depends on the weather, not only have 'gut' then you can do it ok...

We've took the Huka Falls river cruise, witnessed the Aratiatia Dam and had our very first movie here in NZ!
Entrance & the cruise that we're gonna ride on

Nothing much along the river until approaching Huka Falls

The water of the falls are extremely clean, the cruise captain made 3 round turning here and we've got enough time to enjoy feel the falls and took photos.

After the cruise it was about time for the dam to open the gate, since the timing was so right, of course we shouldn't have missed it lo. 

Before the gate opening. The water is gonna fill up the rivers as shown in picture on the right.

It is kind of spectacular...

The zig zag way at downstream become more obvious after filling up by the waters...

Guess what? 7.20pm was the last show and it is FREE SEATING. Ya man, free seating! Hmn, lucky we still manage to secure some nice seats. According to my friend only few of the big cinema in the city has allocate seat when you bought the tickets woh...In fact, M'sia's cinemas are pretty cool!
We watched Pirates of the Carribean here... hehehe


[SK] said...

nice scene, and would be very relax if i were there.. what?? free seating?? that's something i've not come across for so many years already~~ :p

Jean said...


RealGunners said...

angmoh country usually also free seating eh.. they are more civilised ba.. hahaha

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Nice water ride and the green scenery. Free seating only in our olden days especially after the movie had been screened a couple of days or weeks towards the last day we might be able to get 'free' seating or maybe a lousy movie is screened. The cinema also save time and money if my memory didnt fail me the seat numbers are separate from the tickets. Once all the seat numbers are given out its 'full house'. Then later improvised to writing the seat numbers behind the entrance tickets and now viola..they are printed. Bananaz used to keep all those old cinemas tickets and now regretted else can do a posting for all to see the transformation of cinema tickets.

Casendra said...

SK, for sure you'll be very very relax if you were to go NZ! :)

Jean, 我还真的是大乡里,呵呵,现在知道应该也不迟吧?美国也是啊?哎哟,这样我肯定很早入场。。。哈哈哈哈。。。

RealGunner, I memang donno leh :P Paiseh paiseh, no one told me before :P

Bananaz, hmnm... my time no more free seating jor i think. Unless we've got some promotion free tickets nowaday...So sad, shall we start keep something now and 20yrs later we can write something? :P


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