Friday, October 22, 2010

江户一 ~ Edo Ichi

Lazy to go home such, victim of the day (Little Dino) had sacrificed his dinner time to be 'comfort women' (err... shall be 'comfort man' huh?). Hehe, well at least someone company him to try out the japanese food mah right right? :P
Here we are ~ Edo Ichi @ Solaris Dutamas!

Wide varieties of Sakae
The menu itself is pretty attractive...
Pretty special design, but couldnt understand a word at all...
冷面,还真的很冷叻,不太习惯,滑溜溜的 =='
Cold soba... really cold cold one, hehe... taste okok but not so used to it...
呵呵,尝试把它加入冷面,不过一秒钟之后就决定放弃此举。。。结果它依然美美的站在那里。。 :P
We tried to put it inside the soba but... stop after a second of trying... so it still stand there nicely at the end :P
这个合口味 :)
Ok this one taste pretty good :D
Super fresh wasabi, nice!

See also felt it taste good eh? But personally felt that the way they cut it...erm... slightly affected the taste of it.. (ok this is really something very personal ok, maybe I'm too picky or my palate got problem :P)

寿司盘,中间那堆虽然其貌不扬但却是最好吃的。呵呵。。。中排最右边的还是第一次吃,还是不习惯不过很庆幸有勇气尝试 ^_^
Sushi plate... yummy yummy, hehe, first time tried out the middle right one.. bit geli but at least I try something new eh? :P
Hot hot prawn tempura, also very very nice :D
Mocha Ice Cream, perfect ending of the dinner...

Finally willing to go home happily... hehe... a blessing day...
备注:照片通通都是恐龙仔供应的,俊样如下 :P
p.s. all photos supplied by 'comfort women' of the day, hehe.. Dino's production, trade mark as below :P


[SK] said...

huh?? lazy to go home?? really cannot understand got such thing lor, hahaha.. but good lah, got somebody sacrifice his time to accompany you..

nice food lor, the sashimi very fresh!! so how much in total was the bill??

Casendra said...

Haha... SK, the feeling is like - the butt is heavy & even malas drive home...aja wanna wandering around :P

hehe, friend said if wanna look at the bill then the food wont be tasty liao =='

total bill, wont say is cheap lo... so charm my friend, haha.. memang sacrificed :P

Jean said...


郑展兴 said...


Casendra said...

Jean, 以前旧家厅和厨房混在一起,我很喜欢看和帮妈妈煮得,现在阿。。。我一跑进去她就说我‘左定’, 哈哈。。。太窄啦。你煮的都很正点哦,也很‘生活’!:)

正掌心,嗯,是幸福的。 有人陪啊,吃 roti canai 都很幸福的。

墨鱼 said...


Casendra said...

墨鱼,我这个朋友一做工可以48小时不回家的,所以。。。不会太过分啦 :)

Jeff Tan said...



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