Saturday, October 23, 2010

探班汉堡记@ Solaris Dutamas's Pink Sage Burger

Alright everybody, let me proudly introduce you the super burger at Pink Sage, Solaris Dutamas! How was it? The photos will give you the answer...

The ambience is soothing and comfortable...

洗手间。。。一开始还真看不懂关‘粉末’什么事,因为我从来没有‘补粉’的习惯。 哈哈哈。。。反而是男生看的懂,糗!
Wash room... at first couldn't understand why there is this 'powder' wording on the door, hmnm... hardly make up mah...
一瓶白开水给你,省下向侍应讨开水的功夫 :P
Hehe, given a bottle of plain water that save our trouble to ask for it...
Clams soup (ok its original name is clams something but i canot remember lah)
Very very nice! The taste of seafood(clams) is so rich yet not fishy.
Yummy yummy...

奇异果、百香果和芒果冰沙,开胃的很呢!而且有助消化 :P
Kiwi Passion Fruit Mango Smoothies...hmmm...fresh & ease my digestion :D

Cheese burger with fries & coleslaw
体型不大但‘内涵’丰富 ^_^
Not a super huge size but rich 'content' :P

Hehe.. the picture itself already pretty self explanatory liao right? Yes, it is TASTY!
Mushroom Beef Bacon burger, as good as the cheese burger with additional taste of bacon, hehehe... I like this more :P

Little pickle that beautify the burger set...
Cappuccino of the day, perfect ending of the dinner :)
The Pink Sage Diner & Pantry
A4-UG-01 Solaris Dutamas
1 Jln Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Yi said...



Jean said...

cheese burger的cheese怎麼是透明的?

還有這burger的份量很美國人也!casendra 能把整份吃下去的話不得了。^^

xc said...


fufu said...

wow very thick!!!!damn...drooling!

LionGirl said...

Casendra dear, is it clam "chowder"???
Poor food, kena eaten also name people don't know! Sob!

Casendra said...

Yee, 记得告诉我成品如何哦 :) 呵呵,汉堡真的蛮耐饱的。不过我的朋友消化力是超强的所以对他来讲不是问题。呵呵。。。

Jean。。。那个,可不可以讲‘不懂’啊?:P 抱歉,下次有机会帮你问老板。。。在这里吃过类似的汉堡,芝士都是透明的。。。照片把汉堡拍的大而已啦,美国份量肯定吃不完 :P

Fufu, tried out the burger at your side! :P

Lion darling...hehe... I think you're right :P Errr... at least I remembered it was clams mah :P next will be our ketumbar hiking!

Casendra said...

aiks... Xiao Cai, will reply you in email :)

Anonymous said...

where is this place?

Casendra said...

This place is at Solaris Dutamas, address as below:

The Pink Sage Diner & Pantry
A4-UG-01 Solaris Dutamas
1 Jln Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Jeff Tan said...


Casendra said...


[SK] said...

hmmm, i can understand "powder" but then why "wash" for man??

oh, i love those burgers!! nice nice nice, i always love meaty meaty food, haha~~ :D

mememe said...

Hehehe... seems like u been hanging round alot in Solaris hor :p

Lisa717 said...

waliaooo~~ envy envy at you!!! i love such burger!!!! I love those homemade patty burger!! can't wait for it!! anyway, the burger is really juicy enough n tempt me to go there lo!!! hahaha.. thx for sharing^^

Casendra said...

SK, hehehe, u decode it in that way ah? Hahaha... interesting... :P Hehe, when your vege subsided, go and try this burger la, its really nice.

Mememe, dont play play ya...

Lisa, go go go! daring daring try out those that we didnt and let me know how is it ok? :P then your dada can try the safe one... hahahhaaha

Lonewolf said...


Casendra said...


Lisa717 said...

ngek ngek ngek~~~~ since u said so..i not really daring liao~~ wuahahaha.. sounds kinda sacrastic eh..


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