Tuesday, October 19, 2010

剑雨 ~ Reign of Assasins





我愿化身石桥 受五百年风吹 五百年日晒 五百年雨打。。。


(哈哈,被骂抄袭啦! 那个,呼吁到戏院捧场的是恐龙仔讲的,要在这里表扬一下 :P)
I watched this movie last Thursday, and I remembered I slept with smile that night.

Ya man, it has been long time I haven't bump into such a movie.

I liked the couples' interaction in the movie, the final acceptance and understanding. I guess I smiled because I saw forgiveness, appreciation and acceptance.

And the bowl of noodle that the wife prepared for the husband. Not knowing if the husband will be back home or not, she still prepared it and leave it on the table. This is something the very traditional lady will do, something 'old fashion', just like leaving a light on if there is family member that come home late. Its a way of showing care & love.

There is this line that I couldn't forget:

That I am willing to become the stone bridge, enduring 500 years of wind, 500 years of sun, 500 years of rain...
(Aiyo if a guy say it to me in that manner, man I think I'm going to melt! It is originated from Buddha's follower Ah Nan, before he become a monk, that he met a lady and he just falls into her... it was just so beautiful!)

Of course, if you wanna be particular and dig out the 'not make sense' scene of the movie, you are still able to. Just that I choosed to appreciate this movie lo.
(well, you see my requirement is very low only, as long as there is some story line, less killing, less bloody, not everybody dead at the end, preferable good ending, then is very much fine with me liao :P)

I also know the illegal download is available from internet already, but I seriously suggest you to watch it in Cinema to support this nice chinese movie production lo. Else, we really might not have much good chinese movie in future...
p.s: hehe, kena screwed liao, this last paragraph is from Dino :P must give him credit on this, hehehehe...


[SK] said...

嘩, 真的是第一次聽人說看戲看到晚上會笑著睡覺的, 這不是部搞笑片吧我想.. 這樣來說, 就是部值得去看的電影?? 好, 之前看另外一個blogger說好看, 你又看到那麼歡喜, 我也決定去看啦~~ :)

Casendra said...

Hahaha..SK 抱歉,有时我会很莫名其妙的。 去看去看,不要google它的戏段,什么都不知道的进戏院,我觉得不错哦。不要抱太大期望啦,这样才会有惊喜嘛 ;)

白博士 said...

不過聽casendra 的描述,
我老婆應該會喜歡看。 ^_^


Lonewolf said...

Casie 极力推介,非看不可。一定抽时间去欣赏。。。

Casendra said...

白博士你厉害! 我是google 之后才知道戴立忍的名字 :P 戏中有两位美女是台湾人哦! 呵呵,希望会在台湾上演,到时可以去看看,也希望你老婆会喜欢咯!

Wolf, 明天看了记得sms我!


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