Wednesday, April 4, 2012

南瓜羹 Pumpkin Sago Dessert


西米 (适量)和水咯。


Hello everybody! It's been quite some time's pumpkin sago dessert we learned from newspaper. Keke, I damn like it, super yummy and easy to cook! If you don't like pumpkin, can use other fruits to replace it oh (but of course i think fruits no need cook lo).

Pumpkin (portions depends on individual preferences, the more the thicker the taste)
sugar (we replaced it with cane sugar, quantity depends on how sweet u like!)
Coconut Milk (we replaced it with evaporated milk, more healthy mah)
Sago (mum put damn lot of Sago coz this is one of her favourite :P)
and water of course.

Steps as below, very simple one!
Pumpkin cut into slices, cook together with sugar (water level put until it covered the pumpkin will do) until the pumpkin become soft, then only transfer into blender.

把西米煮至透明代用 Boil the sago until it become transparent, add in to the pumpkin serving later.

把煮软的南瓜打烂(听起来有点奇怪。。。大家就将就些,脑袋有点当机了,哈哈哈。。) Blend the cook pumpkin till fine

加入淡奶和西米就成功啦!Add in Sago & evaporated milk, can serve already!

Good to eat with both hot & cold! I love hot serving, this is usually my Sunday lunch!


[SK] said...

dropping by also, haha!!

Nava K said...

Pumpkin is my fav so I am gonna try this simple recipe of yours. Chilled and out of the fridge will do good esp when our weather is scoring hot.

Jeff Tan said...

I was once eaten a delicious pumpkin porridge in Seoul... very delicious "Juk".
The shop bon juk came to Malaysia too but not sure whether the quality is same as Seoul anot.

RealGunners said...

the pumpkin is good, healthy, but... the Carnation.. erm..... >.<

Casendra said...

Nava hope u like it :)

Jeff, pumpkin porridge i also know how to cook lah...

RealGunners, wei, better than 'santan' leh :P put bit bit lo. Everything also bit bit is fine lah, as long as dont over...

Triton said...


Fionn Leong said...

When you want to cook for me? hehe

Casendra said...

Triton, 换了好一阵子咯!那天在蒲种看到你叻!哈哈。。。不过没有打招呼,免得吓到你。。。哈哈哈。。

Fion, when i move to new house?? :P


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