Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Creative Poem by My Lovely Coursemate

Here comes the 'poem', composed by six of us, started from myself, Adeline, Serene, Ai Ping, Rachel & the father Rudy. The paper went two round on the table and ended by me...

It's a shiny day but also a farewell day
To me and my deary
So much time has passed by for us
We are taking a bus
Although my stop is far away
I'm impatient but will not fuss
Well perhaps this is life
When come and go happen all the time
But still our frienship remains
Now and forever
We'll continue to take the bus
To dance & talk to a pace so much better
To keep this frienship deep in our heart

I'll try to collect the rest of the 'masterpiece' in the next class...

1 comment:

alice said...

hmm...nt bad la...where got worse a?hehe...back to kajang ady...mis u...


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