Wednesday, October 19, 2011

30 Second Speech by Bryan Dyson - Former CEO of Coca Cola

I was doing housekeeping of my emails and found this...kept for a year, and I do think it is good to share.

Special dedicated to workaholic and those who has no time for other stuff besides work...


LION GIRL said...

Casendra dear, how can you keep this beautiful message tak tengok for one year lah? Really amazing lah you! Ahahaha!
Wonderful reminder indeed:
Value has a value only when its value is valued!
Thanks for sharing, girlfriend!
You ada value! Cheers!

Casendra said...

Bukan la boss, sudah baca then kept for a year la. Hehehe, ya ya I also like the value value part :p

[SK] said...

yeah, work is just for a living.. but family, friend and health is for a life~~ :)

墨鱼 said...

I have a very good boss. She keeps on reminding me that work is just part of life. Not many bosses will say that to their employee. :-)

Jeff Tan said...

Seen before but thanks for sharing... Long time didn't see your blog... Lion girl and cass.
Every value is nothing, no matter is valued or not valued.

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