Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Push in the Boots & Real Steel

趁着假期带两个外甥女去尝试电影马拉松顺便逛逛,呵呵。。。终于终于给我看到我期待已久的Real Steel 了。。。

Since its school holiday AND replacement public holiday... I took this opportunity to bring 2 of my nieces to experience the movie marathon and jalan jalan a bit... hehhe, thanks to them I finally manage to watch the long waited Real Steel!
'Default' meal for my niece...makan till the mother thought I don't wanna bring them makan something else.. adui...

Started with 2 for the marathon, and ended our choices were awesome!

Si beh happy look....

First show was this cat in the boots...Aiseh surprisingly it was damn nice and it blended in the magic bean's story which I almost forgot! Hehe... worth the ticket :)

这部超攒!2011 年度必看之一的电影!(个人认为啦)刺激的来又不失轻松温馨的场面,可以搭未班车在戏院看到这部戏简直是我的福气啊!
And this is awesome! Awesome awesome awesome! Thank God I still manage to catch this movie in Cinema! It was fun, excited and touching! One of the must watch movie of 2011! (personal opinion...hehehe)

这两部电影都是梦工场的制作,质素如何大家心中应该有个谱咯 ^_^
Last but not least, both of the movies are from Dreamworks, you shall know the quality of it lo ^_^


Yi said...

100個看real steel,100個都贊不絕口,我連尾班車都沒搭上,好像有些浪費。貓貓這部我倒想看,動畫我一直都喜歡。


Casendra said...

Yee, midvalley 可能还有哦。。。不过你日理万机,可能得拿假期才可以来个电影马拉松,也要等一次过有不错的片子才好试啦不然很虐待的!

Yi said...

日理万机 = =


[SK] said...

Real Steel is really a good movie, i enjoyed watching that very much.. have not watched Puss in Boots yet, i reckon it will be a happy movie especially if there are lots of kids in the same cinema.. :)

Fionn Leong said...

I haven't watch the Push in boots yet... Plan to watch it too as well as happy feet 2... Haha

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Heard of the boots and real steel but have not watch the movies as yet. Wow a must watch!!!.

fufu said...

real steal!!!! i wanna watch... still can watch now? gonna check it out lol

Casendra said...

I think real steel still can watch at some specific cinema...aja higher price...kekekeke

RealGunners said...

i still haven't watch pussy in booty, the cinemas here all 3D... =(


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