Saturday, December 31, 2011

再见 Bye Bye 2011, 欢迎 Welcome 2012!




2011 considering a drama year for me. Thanks to the betrayer who tought me a valuable lessons that made me a smarter person (like), but I'm even more greatful to my real dear friends who always be with me as and when needed. This year, I witness the golden sentence that 'friendship must be able to stand the test of time' & 'Time will tell'... (Bananaz/LG, pls pls help correct these 2 sentences if its not right ya... hehehe, brain damage, pakai google translate ==|)

People said 2012 will be tougher. Regardless what's lying ahead, lets face it with positiveness & happiness! Day day is good day!

Last but not least, thanks to all the 'never met each others's blogger (besides LG), thanks for your article & comment, you guys made my single 'homely' life much more interesting!

Finally found a plant with great aroma to welcome 2012! Welcome Lemon Balm!

Wanna try and see if can plant in far so good oh

Been working on the 'nga gu' crackers for the whole noon till evening. Saw this beautiful sunset...hoping 2012 will be as beautiful & colourful as this sunset as well...

Hapy New Year!


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Sorry 'pu kan tang' can't understand Chinese how to translate in English haha, words used looks OK to me.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

路遥知马力,日久见人心*lù yáo zhī mǎ lì,rì jiǔ jiàn rén xīn* Many a times we would not know the person pretty well and like you said time will tell to see the heart. Have a blessed Happy New 2012 with abundance.

RealGunners said...

Selamat Tahun Baru~~ good luck with your nga gu adventures =)

Jean said...


LionGirl said...

Casendra dear, did you small print my name ah? Hahaha! So big hat over my head! Cham! Cannot see!

Eh, I want that plant too! Can make babies for me n pass it with the calendar ah....if you see me lah! If not, wait sampai 2013 pun boleh! Kekeke!

Glad to know you ada banyak kawan baik leh! So happy for you! Be well n happy always ah! You have a lovely smile, pakai selalu ya?

Happy New Year to you too!!!!

fufu said...

happy 2012 :)

[SK] said...

hahaha, unless you put the hanyu pinyin else Bananaz won't be able to read the words.. anyway, i think the translation is good enough for that.. haha, only if you trust me lah..

so, more importantly is how you face your daily life, your year would not have been better if you are not facing everyday bravely and optimistically.. :)

Casendra said...

SK, thanks for the heads up, u memang solve my puzzle on bananaz...hahahaha... Yeap yeap, will face it bravely & positively!

Bananaz...a great yr to u too! but i still will not under estimate u lo :P

RealGunners, 7hrs of 'adventures', almost 'ding dong'.... >_<|

Jean, 薄荷叶比较小片哦,这家伙用手轻轻捏下它的叶子,手上就会充满清新的柠檬味哦!

LG, after next week shall be free liao still wanna pass u the calendar! hahaha... else all bcome antique jor! Am trying to make little lemon balm baby, hope it works! Till then, u gotto wait wait a bit :P

Fufu, wish u a good yr ahead! :)

Jeff Tan said...


Casendra said...


Fionn Leong said...



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