Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UMAMI Steamboat 甜味火锅 @ Bandar Sunway

Back to Mother's day, brother brought us to this Umami Steamboat House for buffet steamboat. After tried it out I felt that it is kind of worth a word, so intro & share share here lo.  Its about 28++ per person, quite a lot of choices, and the ready cook & grilled stuff also quite nice, can try it out if you are somewhere around!
This is the one, 2 shop lots...

I damn like this corner coz there are tons of mushroom! And my beloved japanese mushroom too! Yummy Yummy, and they are not stingy at all, keep refill whenever the mushroom level is low :P

Nice right? Also quite a lot of salad oh.

This is the area for the core food, quite a lot of choice especially the shell categories... some of it I didnt even seen before... 

Left is cook food, quite nice. Ice cream yummy yummy!
Oh Oh, the grilled chicken wings also very nice, my hand is too oily so tak jadi snap a photo :P

Happiest is this old folk lo. hahahaha


Overall, the price is fair and has quite a variety of food, also pretty fresh (of course dont compare with those RM80-100++ type of buffet lah, those foods are placed on top of ice cube, here the food are defrost from the fridge... understand boh?)
Personally I felt that this place is suitable for friend & family's gathering. Service also not bad oh.


[SK] said...

why is it called 甜味火锅?? because the steamboat is sweet?? hahaha.. errr, that corner with japanese mushroom looks pathetic leh, such a huge table and only three little plates of mushrooms~~ :D

Casendra said...

Hahaha, dont la like that, there are lots of eggs n sauces
And salad and Plates what. Hahaha

Nava K said...

Having been here before, its worth the money provided you are a big eater. For someone like me who eats so little, it was a try out.

RealGunners said...

Haih... seems like not only me neglecting my blog...

I rarely go to Sunway area even when I go back KL, not going to try this out hahaha..

Casendra said...

Haih Runner, I changed job that's why...


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