Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lang Tengah Island_by Flight

Date: 9-12 Aug 09
Destination: Lang Tengah Island
Resort: Redang Lang Island Resort

This was the first Island trip, taking flight to Kuala Terengganu. The airport is very much advanced than before (7-8 years ago). Things really changed huh? Bf and I had a very different experience in this Island, I wouldn't say its a very happy one, but when we think back, it's a very 'valuable' get together experience as a couple, as we finally past the 'test' :)

This is the jetty oh, many foreign tourist thought they got 'con' while waiting for the boat...
Evening view of the Jetty at Lang Tengah Island
'postcard' like beach photo :P
Jetty of Redang Lang Island Resort
Hmnm... Donno what it is.. doesnt really look like a lizard in our house....
'Trolly' used by the staff to move the foods and other stuff from Jetty to resort.
Redang Lang Island Resort has the best spot of Sun Set view. The first day we can see the whole sun setting down (but too lazy to run into room to get the camera...the image had stayed in our mind... ). This sunset was a bit cloudy... yet still beautiful...
Overall the island is great, resort is very basic and less commercialized, tourists are able to enjoy the serenity and the stars of the night...

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