Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trip to Perhentian Island_By Train

Date: 15-18 Aug 09
Destination: Perhentian Island
Resort: Bubu Long Beach

This is the 2nd Island trip in August, first we went to Lang Tengah Island by flight. This trip, we went by train! Well well, shame to say this is the first time I take a long hour train with bed. The train itself is very cozy, tho not much night scenery, but having movie or chit chatting in the train was really enjoyable. I wonder how many Malaysian will do the same? We used to choose the fastest way to reach the destination so that we can enjoy more of our holiday with limited day off. But I was being asked a question while I was in Perhentian Island, which worth to give a thought -- So you guys do not think travelling is part of the holiday?

Hahaha... speechless. I guess we do, its just that we appreciate less of our local train?

We took the train from KL Sentral to Tanah Merah, then take a taxi to reach Jetty, and speed boat to the Island.

We're lucky enough during the first snorkeling trip, that we saw 1 huge shark swam with a medium one, of course I do get freak out, but ... but still, its a huge shark that we don't usually bump into! Haha... and also a colourful sting ray, 4 huge tortoises together, another 2 tortoises at different time different snorkeling point. Its really beautiful to see them swim around...

We stayed at Bubu Long Beach, its a bit commercialize and have quite a lot of pub surrounded, the music had spoiled the night. The beach is nice, less tree tho, and you can swim along the shore, its like a huge swimming pool, very nice :)

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