Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Outing with Mum~~Floral Festival 09

Yeap, its family day! I 'accidently' saw this floral festival activity from newspaper a week ago, and I manage to drag my mum along since she loves flower so much! I quite like it also, most important is, I was hoping to see the hot air balloons! I did see it but err... only 3???
Thanks to the Kakak who helps us to take this photo :) I think need to do some touch up on mum's 'not enuff sleep' face...
We've got this joke here... when we walk towards these flowers, we thought, wow, looks like Valender! Then we walk backwards... mnm... memang Lavendar! (as we saw the note... hahahhaa)
It has newly become my favourite Orchid!
The weirdest and most ugly 'fish' of the exhibition...
Actually on the other side of this fish, there is this Live broadcasting going on from TV1...
'Ribena'! Good for throat and can cool down body heat oh!
Ermm.. donno what is this, 3 mths old baby... too excited till forgot to ask what it is... hahaha...

Indoor exhibition (we almost miss it! Couldn't see the entrance but saw people coming out from an 'exit'... die die walk another big round to find the entrance... hehee... here we are! We found it!)
Cute design, looks like a mushroom :)
This one also very nice... First time seeing light purple roses I think?
There are 4 groups of roses...

Quite a good outing, we easily spend... 2.5hrs there oh! :)

1 comment:

Alan said...

wow so nice!

where u find out about all these events lah? ANyway that baby animal is a hedgehog...like dat SEGA computer game "Sonic the hedgehog" :)


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