Tuesday, August 10, 2010

搭错线 Wrong Channel


唉,见鬼,原来她以为我那么殷勤,是准备明年甩下她,拍拍屁股到意大利去了。所以她告诉阿姨可以见我多一面的一面(==' 又不是永别。。。)难怪有时我和朋友出去多了,她就怪里怪气的。






A day before I had a very long conversation with aunt due to some family issues, and she finally knew that I had broken up with my italian boyfriend. Ya man I didn't really announce loudly, coz... I dont see the reason, and there is no chance for me to do so.

And through out the conversation, I finally know that my mum actually had tune to a wrong channel and thought that I am going to ditch her for Italy next year!


Duh... she thought I brought her to Taiwan for holiday and the short trip to Melacca and the upcoming trip to Langkawi was sign of something.

Ya man, its a sign of being single lah hallo! But still, wrong reception. Hahaha... my dear dear mummy...

Didn't you notice that you're so stubborn that even the crane also might not able to move you up to the plane? Come on, driving you oustation with the little kancil was way too dangerous, and nothing but backache!

I do know that you pity me for I've to pay the housing and car loan and everything else, but ... but but...you've done your part and you shall now enjoy a bit of life, leaving all the shitty stuff aside.

Life is too harsh for you, and so I do wish you can enjoy a bit here and there within my limited capability, before another waves hit you...

So dear little stubborn mummy, I guess now you've know that your daughter is single and will not ditch you already right? And yeah... we'll be going to China next year!


子平 said...



LionGirl said...

Ah, a filial daughter. I like that. I'm also planning for a China trip end of this year. Will be looking out at MATTA fair this coming Sept to catch some value buys. Maybe that would be useful for you too. Who knows? We may end up in the same trip together! Haha!

Casendra said...

子平你起的很早哦!谢了,唯有这样 :)

LionGirl, yeah, me too waiting for that. In fact its not cheap nowaday, but probably they will have more days to choose :) Me thinking of 1) Zhang Jia Jie 2) Kun Meng(coz not too cold) 3) Guilin

Hehe, I shall spot your face there!


FaiTh said...

sob sob... so touching....

古克石の屋 said...


Casendra said...

谢谢你 :) 得到妈妈的真传,死死也会撑下去,哈哈。。。还好啦,活这就得好好走下去咯,不能浪费资源。。。

Lonewolf said...


Jeff Tan said...


Casendra said...


Jeff, 你也知道自己成了潜水大帝eh? 叫你多关心同事的啦,整天顾着玩

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Honey, mums have their nightmares as well. ;)
Really wrong channel but it does happen. Hope you're doing fine!! And, remember to miss me.

Casendra said...

Hi Louisa, do I know you?

Mememe said...

Nuttin wrong with being single ok??
Single rox!!


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