Sunday, August 22, 2010

我可爱的老妈 My Cute Little Mother






我做什么啦? 善忘而已嘛,而且吃了那清蒸螃蟹,酒精发酵嘛,脑袋就不难么灵光。。。(我本来就因为某些因素启动了脑袋保护功能,善忘了9 年啦,又不是第一天)




无话可说。彻底败给了她。哈哈。。。 忍不住要高喊,老妈,你很可爱啊!!!!!!



You see, basically this is the 'Wrong Channel - 2'.

Yesterday after the family dinner I went to Adeline's house to pick up my stuff, mum tagging along.

In the car, she said 'Adeline last time stayed in Sri Petaling one right...'

I said 'Huh, how come you remembered? Errr... how come you know, when you met her eh??'

She stared at me very much one kind and said 'tsk tsk tsk... you ah... aiyerrr... what's wrong with your brain??'

I was like 'Err... oh ya ya, aiseh we went Melacca D-paradise together...ya man... you've met her before' (I seriously think it's bcos of the steam crab that the cook put so much wine inside that makes my brain SLOW that I suddenly couldnt recall mah...)

Mum continued and said 'I tell you ah, you go out ah, dont take beer, dont take pills (drug) dont you ever go 'shake head'


Drugs??! ME???

My goodness! Arggghh... it was my brain's defense mechanism(makes me so much forgetful) haven't been slow down plus the effect of the steam wine crab ok!!!!

Haih, I thot I am steady enough not to make her worry, see, thats the tough part of being a mother, you can never resign, can never stop loving neither stop worrying the kid...

So children out there, be grateful and appreciate that there are still someone here to nag and worry bout you eh?
They're the one who made me blur blur...


贪吃的粉红猪 said...

Beh pai mah. Wu ani kuan geh nin lao bu kin ziong lu. Mmh si pat lang wu ai ni kuan geh Fok Hi oh

Casendra said...

Hahaha.. .yeah baby, hok ki ah! hahahahahaha

vialentino said...

hahaha....steamed wine crab drug u off....hahha....ur mom is the conversation

Lonewolf said...

You are her only hope... I can feel her fear actually. Seriously.

Casendra said...

Hahaaha... vialentino, indeed she is. ah? Haih, me girl leh not boy >_< but memang first time in my life time see her in such a worry mode. I think ah, I better date more, get more failed experience so that she will get immune...hahaha


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