Monday, March 7, 2011

这一晚,醉的很开心 Drunk Happily @ Vintry, Jaya33



I always heard about Vintry but I never visited them until tonight.

I had a wonderful night today, happily, comfortably drunk. In front of her, I can forever and ever be myself naturally, even acting stupidly. I don't need to behave, there is no scare of offending unintentionally, nothing, no fear no stress no doubt. It is somehow just trust, absolute trust.

Life is so great to have such a wonderful friend ... (note: we are not lesbian ok :P)

Here we come,Vintry!
She picked a very ligth red wine, afraid I cannot take the strong one since I don't
usually drink. See, very considerable of her right??
And her favourite roasted pork, best taste with red wine...yummy yummy
I felt like eating burger... and so she ordered me Blue Cheese Burger!
Asking them to have blue cheese serve seperately also because
she afraid I might not use to its taste.
Where on earth to find such a wondeful girl friend???!!
The burger is fantastic, just the ham a bit of hard, the wine thoroughly bring out the taste of the blue cheese, awesome!
Here comes Anthony's chocolate!
3 of us happily placing them in place and photos!
Nokia's flash, IPhone's camera! hahahahahaha
I had this one :P no wonder I am so happy tonight…
Taste great with White Wine!
She is really good in choosing wine...this white one taste good as well,
well, at least  I favour it :)
不赖吧? 呵呵呵。。。
Zig zac up! Hehehe
Forever energetic and creative! You'll never get bored whenever she is around!
I seldom 'teh' people and nag that I want to have cake (felt very idiot and geli... at my age?? ==||)
but... she just has the ability to turn me into 2 yrs old kid and asked for cake...
Can I order cake please please please?? (blink blink blink my eye...)
Of course, what cake you want? 
Tada! Here comes my brownie...hehee... happily presenting himself in a cool and cutie way! 
How can we not happy by having 'him'? :P  
讲了老半天,就是这奇女子~ 我的超级偶像。一个少有能干,又不失女人味的女子,
This is the wonder women that I've been mentioning. Capable, tough yet very ladylike.
A true person that you'll never worry she'll set you up, someone you can really trust and rely on.
Thanks for the night women, you're always the best!

Note: Everything at Vintry is fine besides the music... maybe it's Friday that's why the music is a bit 'hot'? :P


[SK] said...

that's a very nice dinner.. and especially with someone you feel so close to and so comfortable with.. true friends are indeed precious.. :)

LionGirl said...

Ah, this is a happy post! Happy food! Happy people! Happy girlfriends! Have a wonderful 100 Anniversary International Women's Day! 3 cheers to women power! Yeay!

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! So enlighten to read your blog...and just make my day!

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Dining can be so much fun and creative like the cake with the two chopsticks a bit like the cheeky Garfield? Hope Bananaz is sober not seeing things haha...

墨鱼 said...


Casendra said...

SK/LG: Indeed, close and awesome friend is so precious!

Bananaz, yes yes you are sober and not seeing things! Hahahaha... else I would be eating 'things' already :p

Women, you always made my day!

墨鱼,你的知音也不少哦 :)

子平 said...


Casendra said...

子平,谢啦。哈哈哈。。。她就是慧慧 :)


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