Saturday, March 26, 2011

太平洋海鲜的超级海鲜 Super Seafood Feast @ South Pacific Seafood, PJ Old Town


其实和酒楼比起来这里的价格真的是超值,而且最重要的是新鲜!烹煮味道也很棒,而且可以坐在树下享用,享受着大自然的陪伴(如果你不嫌很阿伯或很Cina Bet的话,这里绝对推荐!)

Alright the subject is a bit too much I know I know... hehe... but to me I did felt like its a seafood feast mah, with the 2 super spontaneous makan buddy (the 3 musketeers eh? :P) , life is always wonderful to have you guys!

The seafood & dishes here are wonderful! Fresh and delicious, and you've got the chance to sit under the trees to eat! (Hehe, if you dont think its kind of uncle or cina bet, I'm sure you're gonna like it!) Recommended, as the seafood is fresh, the cooking is delicious, and it is not over priced!
This is it, located at PJ Old Town

出水龙虾 :p
Grrr... see what see?? :P

Black peppers deer meat, super spicy...

HH's order, steam crab of the day

 Anthony's lobster! Seems a bit rushed eh the photo? Must be too hungry and tipsy :P
The meat are really sweet and juicy, a bit of the shao xing wine brings up all!

The Curry Prawn, tasty tasty!


xc said...


இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Oh yeah been to this place a few times for the seafood porridge and the mango juice..quite a nice place for meals especially at the open air car park. Oh the curry prawns..yum yum..xiexie.

[SK] said...

i do agree that things get more interesting if done very spontaneously.. that lobster is really enticing enough, yummy yummy~~

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Nava Kishnan said...

Note the deer meat for sure but the crabs and prawns. delicious for sure.

Casendra said...

小蔡,put it in your 'must eat list' when back to m'sia :)

Eh eh Bananaz, here got seafood porridge one ah? Ooo, I love porride! Must try next time :)

Sk, the lobster is really something...once in a life time...hehehe

Hi Nava, ya ya, this place not bad oh :)

Anonymous said...


Casendra said...


junesoap said...


Casendra said...

June, 别给你的肥皂'加料' 哦. 哈哈哈...

Anonymous said...

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