Saturday, April 2, 2011

来蒲种‘炭世界’吧!Carbon Brasa @ Bdr Puchong Jaya

这是近期蒲种的新大陆~炭世界!呵呵。。。我问老板,你这里的小炒啊,面啊,饭啊,都是用炭炒的?他说,不是啦,是烧烤类才用炭。。。呵呵,不过啊,即使不是用炭炒,味道也很出色哦。来看看 ;)

This is the newly discover 'new world' in puchong ~ Carbon Brasa :P  Hehehe... I asked the boss, eh your fried noodle, rice, and the rest of the stuff all use charcoal one ah?? He said no lah, only those BBQ stuff we usae charcoal, hehe.. but then even not using charcoal, most of the dishes are still very tasty! Lets take a look.
就是这黑黑的新大陆 :P 就在 IOI Boulevard, Paparich 的对面
This is the place. Right opposite Paparich @ IOI Boulevard. Black black very easy to spot

The Canton style noodle and X.O fried noodle all very tasty, very good 'wok chi'. The fried squid not bad with some garlic & chili on top. Drinks are all ok so far, the best is the 'nam yu' fried chicken wings! It is just so tasty and the meat are still very juicy! It's a must try finger food!

The spring roll so so only, fried tofu (bottom of the picture) not bad. The best is the Hokkien Noodle!
Many people come here for this, its a must try noodle! First time tasted the Dried Nyonya Noodle, bit of sour taste so its kind of good for the appetite.

Dry fried noodle with beef. Not bad also but the beef can be a bit more salty...

Alright this shaved thin ice is awesome! It is not too sweet and taste just nice!
Must try!

This one FOC for us to try out...hehe... once tried, we just fall in love with it...
Note: Can try the lime taste also not bad

Can try out if you were somewhere around, it is not pricy and yet tasted good, quite a nice place for family and friends hang out also...


Jean Tan said...


[SK] said...

我先是以為食物都有那些炭在裡面, 然後就是以為所有食物都是用炭來煮.. 不過後來看你那麼說, 其實也沒有什麼特別囉, 是吧??

Casendra said...

Jean, 看来你真的很喜欢吃甜品叻! 呵呵呵。。。。

SK, 我没有特别嗜好吃炭叻 ==' 特别就在他没用炭煮都很够锅气啦。。。哈哈哈。。。

Yi said...


Casendra said...

Muahahaha... Yee, 那是好几次的综合品啦。。。一次哪能吃那么多 :P

kumfye said...

the food looks not bad...cant go try see see ^^ visit me thx

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jfook said...

Nom nom so hungry now..

Pai - 湃 said...


Casendra said...

kumfye, jfook, pai ~ lets just eat! hahaha...

Carbon Brasa said...

Hi, Thanks for such great review for Carbon Brasa in Chinese. Do bring more friends here for our new menu. Thanks


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