Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thor ~ A Movie That Made My Day

I didn't read the comic before and I donno about the story line, only watched the trailer online and decided to go for it.  Well turns out its quite a funny movie, at least I did laughted and still laught when I recall some of the scripts... if you're looking for some not too serious movie, I would suggest you this movie, at least it ease your nerve... and Chris Hemsworth really 'yao ying' in this movie! Am loving it!


LionGirl said...

Glad to know you have gone for a movie! Me? If cinemas were to earn my tickets for income, I think they will "jup lup"! Hahaha! Only go there if got free tickets!

[SK] said...

i'm planning to watch this movie to.. hmmm and Chris Hemsworth really 'yao ying' in this movie! Am loving it, or did you mean you are loving HIM?? haha..

Casendra said...

Aiyo LG, dont lah always 'dry swim' (mahjong), once a while movie could be good oh :)

SK, you think I still 18, 22 meh... Hahaha... I also wish I can be like those mui mui zai screaming and wondering at the handsome idol... but then over age lah :P Tell me if you like this movie after watch it ok? :)

LionGirl said...

I got watch movies one!
Wed: TV2 (E),10pm
Thu: TV2 (C)or TV8(E), 10pm
Fri: TV3(E) or NTV7(C, 10pm
Sat: TV2(E), 10pm and TV3(E), 12.30am if I cannot sleep!

Mon (my favourite TV night):
NTV7, 8.30pm - Bones
TV8, 9.30pm NCIS LA
TV8, 10.30pm NCIS

(Tue ~ rest day!!!)

All free ~ pay TNB only, no travelling, dinner or pop corns. Sometimes "mok far sang" lor, still fun mah...

Casendra said...

Wah wah wah... not bad not bad :D Me only weekend company mama on all the dramas :P

RealGunners said...

me iz waitin for ze Pirates of Ze Carribean :P

Casendra said...

Hehhee.. coming soon eh? Quite a lots of interesting movie lately, I just watched the Red Riding Hood... hohoho.. not bad oh


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