Sunday, March 25, 2012

米大师~健康小吃 Master Mi ~ The Healthy Snack


Visited my friend's little Master Mi shop at Time Square two weeks ago, let's share a bit bit of the snack's secret. Master Mi - Mi-->Rice, rice snack. Ingredients all from Taiwan, the challenges of this snack are 1) no perservative and so the snack can't store too long 2) since it's healthy snack, the taste is very much lighter than those full of 'ajinomoto' one lo...
就是这小店,在 Chatime 和十八风味之间
This is the little store, quite nice eh? LG-18-06, in between Chatime & 18 Rooms

There are few flavours as shown, personally I like the chocolate & seaweed, butter also not bad oh.

Multi Grain, super healthy and a bit thicket than the normal one, I think Ah Gong Ah Ma might like this :D and it's seperate packing, 2 in one pack, can store better lo.

Fresh from the machine. 'Pom!', and one rice cracker will 'fly out'...

Fresh & crunchy, yumm yummy!

Of course I did bring back for mummy & the two little monsters at home!

Little tips here also, you can actually seal it back and put it in the fridge and serve it cold! The colder the more tasty! If you don't like cold and the cracker 'masuk angin', you can actually use oven to make it crunchy again!

Overall I think this is worth a try, and it's seriously healthy snack lo! Instead of having cola & french fries for movie, maybe we can consider this rice cracker! But then if you are very used to something that has heavy taste, then it might take some time for you to adjust to this cracker's taste, coz it is very much lighter! So I think this suits the kids and the elderly most (not meant for adult? Of course not! As long as you aim at healthy stuff, this is for you too! There is not even a drop of oil oh!)
So if you so happens to be there, go give a try!


[SK] said...

oh, this one looks interesting!! and healthy too.. but i rarely go to times square lah, because i will get lost inside this place!! :D

Yi said...


Casendra said...

Sk, mee too! Haha that's why I pit the location near which other kiosk. If so happens to be there can look see look see oh :)

Casendra said...

Yee, 薄的,十谷的会比较厚。暂时只在 time square 有的卖。你几时飞啊?

子平 said...


Nava K said...

healthy snacks are the ones I am always looking out and will be a good try for me.

Casendra said...


Nava, you really a healthy person! :D

RealGunners said...

there is no such thing as healthy snack.. it is an oxymoron.. contradicting word pairs XD

Casendra said...

walau, i gotto google oxymoron. Hahaha... wei, snack is by default a Derogatory term ah? Hehe, paiseh ah, me chinese ed donno mah.

Hm, this one no oil no fried, use machine to 'chop' it out (as shown in the picture), the ingredients is rice with some topping... errr... ermm... shall i rename it as 'not so junk snack'? :P

Casendra said...

I like this term 'Oxymoron', sounds cool! Hahahahahahaha


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