Monday, May 14, 2012


这也是去年的旅程啦,呵呵。这银子岩洞啊,导游说 “你是会边走边脱衣的,所以不必穿那么厚”。哈哈哈,因为里面大的很,跟着讲解员走大概也要一个小时吧(忘了)??而且不通风的,所以的确是越走越热! :P

This was last year's CNY trip, before we enter the cave, our tour guide asked us not to wear too thick as the inner we stroll along, the hotter we'll feel (which is so true!), as the cave is so huge and 'no wind' inside, we might even keep taking off our clothes! hahahaha...
四周都是红通通的灯笼,真的很有气氛的 Every where also red red tang long, very CNY feel!
银子岩溶洞是典型的喀斯特地貌,贯穿十二座山峰, 属层楼式溶洞,包括下洞、大厅、上洞三大部分,汇集了不同地质年代发育生长的各种类型的钟乳石
Siver Cave is typical karst topography that across 12 peaks, it belongs to "floor-type cave" which consist of lower, hall and upper cave three main parts, gathered with various type of stalactites that grow in different geological age (sounds very awful right the english? Sorry ya I seriously donno how to write this... hahahahaha)
开始咯,左图为‘芋王’,右图下像不像男生的‘小鸟’? 哈哈哈。。。
here we go, on the left there is this Yam stone, on the right....does it looks like guy's 'bird bird'? ahahaha

On the left we have Great Wall, on the right, Long Ji Staircase Field. Really amazing!

这里有酿酒窟哦! There is winery here!

It is pretty spectacular indeed, but I don't quite like the lighting, hmnm.. felt a bit 'tacky'?

These area's stalactites are shining one oh! Like thousand's of diamonds attached to it, but my camera was not able to capture the effect lah...

This is the scenery that I like most, the reflection on the shallow lake is really amazing, tranquil and beautiful.

右上角有个鲍鱼哪!There is an abalone on the top right corner oh!

After coming out from the cave, proceed to shopping for local biscuits via this walking path!

In short, this place is pretty cool, but if you have very less interest in 'stone', but you might not be liking it lo.


[SK] said...

quite interesting to see all those stalagmites and dolomite lah actually.. hahaha!! that is 芋王 not bird-bird~~ :D

Casendra said...

Shino, 很奇怪叻你的comment没出现在这里!

Sk, that one is another stone, the tour guide memang said its 'bird bird' stone... hahahahaha

the Charioteer said...

我还是头一次遇到打中文跟英文的博客呢~ 不错不错 :)

Casendra said...

Hi Magdalene! 只要你不嫌弃我的英文太烂,就做个朋友吧!哈哈啊。。中英日的都有哦!

Nava K said...

I did see something similar of a cave during my trip to Halong Bay but have never been to China. Many sharing my other half has done because he has been to China quite many times.

Your post and seeing the beautiful places you explored is triggering me to focus on China as my next holiday trip.

Casendra said...

Thanks Nava :) can consider Zhang Jiia Jie if u like the mountain & the beautiful ancient town, consider Long Sheng 'staircase field', so much to explored!

Taiwan also not bad oh!


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