Wednesday, June 13, 2012

车卡不见了怎么办? Lost of Car Registration Card - How?


2)填好JPJK7表格 JPJK7 (也可以到JPJ登记处拿,因为第一页是无法下载的。不过如果事先下载填好的话,再填首页就会快很多)

起先问朋友该怎么办,都说如果不让跑腿帮忙的话可能得去Puspakom验车,所以最好让跑腿做(要多付50大元)。因为还没有时间去找跑腿,所以就在网路上看看有没有其他方法。机缘巧合之下,看到一位部落客分享了同样的经验,竟然可以自己来哦!所以今天趁着午饭空档,跑去PJ的JPJ试一试,结果 ~ “我得左啦!”


Kesian lo... Hahaha... but then we gotto solve it right? So, very easy, just do the below:

1) Photostat your IC for 2 copies
2) Fill up the JPJK7 form JPJK7 (but you also can obtain this from JPJ office). Do take note that there is one front page we can't download, so when you take the number ticket, tell them you need a form submit geran hilang (or just say geran hilang), they'll give you a set of the form, and it's the first page that we miss out from the internet.
3) Prepare RM50 for the penalty
4) Just wait patiently until your turn lo.

At first I thought need to go puspakom to check out the car bla bla bla, and I also called and ask my friend how, he also advise if do it personally, might need to go Puspakom. So better get runner help (but I still need to go there personally) with extra RM50 payment to runner.

BUT, when I browse around for further information, I saw this blogger share out the same topic, without the hassle to go to Puspakom.

SO, today I just tried it out and Yes! I made it! Thank God Thank God!

Hope this little info helps those needed to save RM50 lo! But best is don't lost it. How I lost mines? Donno, don't ask, coz I myself also donno how it went missing... grr...


Nava K said...

Great to hear you solved the issue in an easier manner. I am very particular on keeping the important documents because I know what a hassle it can be to get new ones. By then again, sometimes we can make mistakes due to the many things we are balancing in life, don't like to be forgetful but it can happen I suppose.

[SK] said...

better keep safeguard of all these documents lah.. keep them all in one single place also, so that you won't forget where you kept it~~ :p

奥莉妈咪 said...

做么浆“大头虾” 好学不学,学我~ 哈哈!

Casendra said...

Erm... after investigation, it is believed that the documents couldnt be accidently throw by the somebody b4 I can keep it in a safe place, which... just within 1-2 days that I took it back from the insurance agent.

Ok, new one already in 'safe place', hehehe...

Shino...maybe we shall do plastic surgery to shrink our big head. hahahahahahaha

Yi said...



Casendra said...


你知道吗,不见的车卡又突然出现在眼前,我现在 ~ 有两张车卡!哈哈哈。。。。kanasai..

alicecsy said...


Richard Chew said...

Thanks for the information... just got my copy of the car registration card and it was super fast.

Just need 2 copies of IC, fill out a form which I got there. and paid RM50

Unknown said...



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