Friday, June 8, 2012

葡萄牙村的海鲜 Sea Terrace @ Portuguese Settlement @ Melacca


Contributed to the public holiday traffic jams, we made a trip to Melacca last Sat for aunt wanna try out the delicous food over there. So here we are, after almost 4hrs drive...
车子停在正中间,没有理由不把这么有趣的Jack & Jill 广告 ‘桶’给拍下嘛。
Stuck middle of the road due to the traffic light, there is  no reason not to take down this super Jack & Jill ads right? Hehehe.
Well actually we are crawling, that's why got plenty of time to take photos :P "Tourist" mah...

因为之前已经介绍过 Jonker 88( 游览Baba Nyonya Laksa & Cendo)的美食,在这里就不重复啦。让我们一起去品尝葡萄牙村的美味海鲜吧!
Since I introduced the Jonker 88's delicious food before(refers to Baba Nyonya Laksa & Cendol), I'll skip here this time. Let's move forward to Portugese Settlement's yummy seafood!

There are 1-10 different stalls here, but cousin said the first stall's burn crab is the best (anyway he only tried the first stall one only), so we pick this one straight :) 
当我们点了海鲜之后就走到最后面找这家出名的Joes Only One 芒果汁(六点才开档的做生意的。。。)
After we place the order while waiting for the food, we walk towards another end and hunt for this famous Joes Only One mango juice! RM3 for mango juice with ice, RM4 for without ice. Very nice and reasonable pricing! No wonder it is so famous lo.  Oh, between, it start business at 6pm :)

Here it comes... in fact, both dishes also 'mah mah' only. The taste of the squid sambal source was a bit light, but after few bites we found it still nicer than the prawn.  Prawns weren't very fresh and the sambal taste wasn't nice lo compared to the squid one ==| Maybe you'll like it but not the 4 of us :P

Ok, this is the main reason we were here! And yes, it is indeed very nice and fresh, crabs were nicely 'burn', not over not lesser, cracked nicely as well so hammer & cracker were not in need.

Sunset by the sea, kind of nice the scenery...

Overall the crabs are good, just that after the meal felt very very thirsty lo, maybe not too used to outside food....


[SK] said...

wah, last saturday sure packed like hell in Malacca.. school holiday + public holiday + weekend, everyone goes to Malacca, haha!! at least you enjoyed a nice meal also lah~~ :p

奥莉妈咪 said...


Casendra said...

Shino, 好像是1kg RM56, 大概是这样,那三个海鲜,加芒果汁,椰子水,清水,大概RM180.

Yi said...


Casendra said...

Yee, 去新西兰之前吃个劲的吧!

alicecsy said...


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