Monday, July 26, 2010

马六甲的峇峇娘惹叻沙 Jonker 88's Super Laksa & Cendol @ Melacca

呵呵,爱吃的我们,怎么可以错过这超湛的峇峇娘惹叻沙和煎蕊呢?就在鸡场街里,店名-Jonker 88, 旁边是新建的公共厕所(放心,没异味,我还看到有朋友坐在那里喝cendol呢!)通常都很多人,就稍微等一下吧,是值得的哦!

Yeah... this is the super laksa shop that I so wanted to bring mum to try, to me it really taste good! Just located in Jonker Street, next to the new public toilet. Shop itself is not huge, so normally gotto wait a while and hunt for the seats...but it really worth the wait!

左边卖cendol, 右边卖laksa, 可以由两人分头行事,这样就可以吃喝一起咯。
Left for cendol right for laksa, can get 2 persons ordered seperately, then can enjoy the food & drinks together :P

Yeap, self service! They call Asam Laksa as Nyonya Laksa, Curry Laksa as Baba Laksa (so dont get confuse as if you're ordering wrong laksa if they repeat the order in such way...)

Interior look, can enjoy the art work and feel the old building having our delicious foods...

See see, looks delicious right? The curry laksa? Erm, friend were too hungry, hahaha... so didnt manage to capture the look :P But it's delicious too!

Yummy yummy! The brown sugar makes the whole cendol so delicious, and the ice are so fine! (where a lot in KL do not have such a fine ice anymore!)


jfook said...

I happened to eat there when I was in Malacca too. :)

Casendra said...

haha... nice right? you from east malaysia? man i saw your blog.. the bread... wow!

TOLANIC said...

I went to this place ate cendol before. The taste is awesome with unique environment. But I think pandan cendol at Dataran Pahlawan far away better.

Casendra said...

Really? I tried few but still favour this :) I guess its something personal :) but their laksa really taste good...


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