Friday, July 23, 2010

炎热的天气,冷冷的啤酒 Hot Hot Weather, Cold Cold Beer



还好公司对面的Roxy小餐馆还没关门大吉(不是要诅咒, 实在是人潮太少了,真替他们担心),看来大家都有点口渴,所以嘛,回家前来杯冷冷的啤酒是很不错的哦。感谢同事们都那么踊跃参与。。。


It's been a nice weather today, Mr Sun had successfully persuade Ms Rainy go back sleep, as such, today is a super SUNNY day!

Which also means... HOT! Hot hoT hOt and HOT... yeah...

Sorry, guess am getting heat stroke soon... hehe... thanks to the Roxy that opposite our office that still in business... we gotto hang out there for a while for two jugs of cold cold beer before heading home!

Mnm, colleague's companionship, cold cold beer, fantastic home cook dishes... what more I want?
Enjoy Life!


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