Saturday, July 31, 2010

美味的凤梨酥和榴莲泡芙 The Yummy Pineapple Tart & Durian Puff, Melacca

马六甲的有好多凤梨酥,一般上都很不错。那天我们无意中发现这宝强饼家,试食之后就毫不犹豫买了几盒回家。 那榴莲泡芙。。。超新鲜,有点冰冰的,一口咬下去时要小心哦,小心榴莲馅喷口而出。。。呵呵。。。

One of the famous food in Melacca is the pineapple tart. Basically we can see the pineapple everywhere when you strolling along Melacca especially at Jonker Street. We found this shop by chance, and their pineapple tart is marvellous! And the durian puff, is a must try stuff! It is so fresh that you couldn't resist the 2nd puff! Be careful when you eat it ok, the durian filling might spit out! :p

就是这宝强饼家,和Jonker88 同一条街,隔。。。一两间店而已。也有卖其它饼类但我们只爱吃他的凤梨酥。。。呵呵。。有没有发现店家的牌匾少了个G?
This is the one, Poh Keong Enterprise. Same row with Jonker 88, I guess just 1 - 2 shops distance. They also sell some other biscuits but we just love the pineapple tart :) Ermm.. wonder why their signboard missing the G?

RM5 六个,我说过会替它打广告的!哈哈。。。
6 for RM5, I promised with advertised for them after tasting it! :P
Hmnm...yummy yummy, the crust is soft and taste slightly salty, the pineapple is not sweet at all... taste just right!


Lonewolf said...


Missing G but added an O. Sign board and banner is clashing big time.

Casendra said...


I did't notice that ... not sure if there is anything to do with feng sui or numenoroly eh?

子平 said...

榴連泡芙口感一定很棒,而且不貴,因為九份山腳下,靠瑞芳的位置,有間叫黃金泡芙,餡是蕃薯,一顆要 40台幣,真的是想吃又覺得....

Casendra said...


孙福盛 said...


[SK] said...

yeah, i think i've been there and bought a pack before, but can't really remember if it's this shop.. the tarts are nice..

Casendra said...

agreed :) isn't it malaysian really likes to eat eh? :P

Alan said...

I also visited the place last 2 monhts...jonker street right?

the cream puffs were awesome...but will become stale if leave for more than one day

Casendra said...

yeap at Jonker Street... Alan, the puff, only last on our hands for few seconds... hahahahha


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