Thursday, July 1, 2010

斯里八打零夜市 Durian Durian @ Sri Petaling Pasar Malam

呵呵。。。如愿以偿!Sean 某介绍Sri Petaling的十元任吃榴莲档(其实是十元3粒, 但是味道还不错哦)。很久没有这样边走边吃,边吃边讲超级废话。。。呵呵。这夜市的炒粿条和其它小食(小小缽仔糕)都很不错哦,又不会像康乐夜市那么拥挤(可能是因为下雨eh?)。问了几档小贩的物品价格都还算中庸,可以跑跑哦。

While we were talking about having durian as lunch @ SS2, Mr. Sean suggested us to go Sri Petaling pasar malam to have this all you can eat durian @ RM10 (better quality woh.. hehe). Although it turns up to be RM10 for 3, but still the durians were pretty nice :) Beware about the freshness of the coconut coz some of it had spoilt (probably bcos of rainny season...), if you taste some sour taste, just take a look at the inner side, dont die die keep drinking like our Dawson..haha..
Many of the finger foods here are very nice, the fried Kuay Teow also nice...not too crowded as the one in Kong Lok, quite nice to go!

第一次学用photoshop, 还可以吧?
First time using photoshop, hehe... boleh tahan eh?


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