Wednesday, July 21, 2010

我的新手机 My Nokia C6 ~ 1




退货咯,换。 所以啊,凡事不能‘以为’。以为,其实是很危险的一个潜在意思。


虽然暂时是一场欢喜一场空,但是最低限度可以和久违的老朋友见个面吃顿饭吹个水,其实还是很值得高兴的一件事情 :)

Mnm... didn't see my new Nokia C6 right?

Of course you don't, bcos I want white colour and my dearly friend get a black for me.

No no no no no!

So I rejected (request to change lah), so, gotto wait again :(

See, that's the problem of ASSUME. She assumed white is easily get dirty so she assumed I want black. Sigh... I want white, I like white, and I ordered white!

So please, don't simply assume, it could be dangerous. Try to verify next time, with the technology we have nowaday, it wouldn't be a problem at all.

Well anyway, thought I gotto admit I am very dissappointed (also at the same time my existing phone is really malfunctioning!!!!), but, at least I gotto meet up with my old old friends, had a good dinner and good chatting.

Why should I be unhappy or complaint? :)

So ya, lets wait for my white Nokia C6 this Friday! Which is, exactly 2 days later...


卓韋 said...

nokia c6 有什么特别?

Casendra said...

和N97 mini 很相似,但这型号是平行推上的,没有弧度,听讲比N97稍微快一些。市价大概一千左右,不会太贵。其它的功能其实都是大同小异。。。

卓韋 said...


Casendra said...


Jesson Balaoing said...

i've visited your other blog.... that's great blog also...

PoWKilLeR保活丘覯鲁阿 said...

凡事不能‘以为’。以为,其实是很危险 ,, ,,

Casendra said...

Pow, 怎么这句话那么熟悉啊。。。:P


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