Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The New Yorker

A year ago I bumped into 2 New Yorker – friend’s friends, 2 young lady, one of them is an ABC.

First impression was – I don’t really like them. I was trying to be friendly since we were temporary staying under one roof (but knowing me, my friendly level to stranger was just hi, smile, nod nod my head and bye), but err… somehow I think they just don’t really give a damn, and pretty much self centered.

So I thought maybe it’s just me who had bias or stereotype towards them.

So I still try to be friendly, at least, not showing my long papaya face.

And there was a day, we all went out for a walk and tea.

These 2 ladies was talking and walking so fast, and were very proud of being able to walk fast, passing by all people in front of them, sniff at those ‘slow’ walker, wondering why people wanna walk so SLOW that they referring to as - wasting time.

So I wonder – why? What is it that they are so proud of? Especially when I was in a holiday, the hell I wanna walk so fast!

For once I also able to walk very fast what, but then one find day I asked myself why? If I am not late for appointment or work, why should I walk so fast that I didn’t even know what is the surrounding like? I miss the small flowers that probably saying good morning to me, I miss the trees that probably saying hi to me, so… why not I walk at a normal pace and say hi back?

At the end I noticed that, they are not even just proud of being able to walk fast, they are, generally proud of being a New Yorker.

I couldn’t understand and I asked few friends who studied and stayed in American before – why are New Yorker so proud of themselves?

Oh because they have everything mah (as in all kind of foods, facilities, fashion, job etc etc, they are in a modern city, they are somehow in a higher class)

Me: boh, we also have all kind of foods what, we also got modern building what, we EVEN got our precious tropical rain forest! SO what???

I, especially dislike when they said this ‘Ewww…’ (with the super high tone).

Oh my God just kill me!

And they don’t even have a sense of courtesy – they don’t freaking care if you wanna use the stove when they are cooking and conquering 2 stove (where there are 4 actually) and see you holding a pot on your hand. @#$%^&^%$#@#$%^&*

Of course, the above is just based on the observation on 2 population, which IT TOTALLY DIDN’T represent whole New Yorker (coz I still believe not ALL is like that), and is just totally my personal experience.

And why this post is not bilingual?

Because I stronger believe that, all my friends, may it be Taiwanese or Malaysian or from wherever it is, THEY WILL understand.

Ya man, I also wanna be lan si, be proud of my kind!


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