Monday, July 12, 2010

电影马拉松 Movie Marathon!

2010 六月十日,星期六

闭关练功之后,今天终于出关啦!一连3场电影,湛!我觉得,有机会 (就是--有很多好电影+妈妈一整天不在家+有好战友)的话,我要试一次从早看到半夜场的经验!Yosh! 又多了个人生目标了。。。呵呵。。。

电影一:戀戰特務王 (Knight and Day)
后感:很搞笑,当电影中Simon叫杀手‘oh come on just die!’ 的时候,真的是笑翻!绝对达到我要减压的目标!男主角的性格再次让我觉得,开朗正面的人往往会比较成功eh?

电影二:神偷奶爸 (Despicable Me)
后感:蛮感人的,但是,觉得它适合给成人看吧? 尤其是父母(别好像Gru的母亲那样吝啬于赞扬和鼓励)。个人比较喜欢驯龙高手(How to Train Your Dragon).

电影三:終極戰士團 (Predators-2010)

10 June, 2010. Saturday

After hiding for a while, finally here I am for the movie marathon! Haha, its really kind of cool, I had this idea that, one day, I wanna watch movies from morning till midnight at the cinema! (Providing there are good movies+good buddy+mummy not home whole day...) Yeah, another target of the life!

Movie 1: Knight and Day
Thoughts: Superb! Funny romance comedy by Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz (but man she looks old!). It really helps release tension and brings laughter, especially when Simon said 'oh come on just die!' hahaha...

Movie 2: Despicable Me
Thoughts: Pretty touching, but I think this movie meant for parents more, that they needs to be more encouraging and not too stingy in apprasing eh? Personally, I like 'How to train your dragon' more :)

Movie 3: Predators
Thoughts: Mnm... not my type of movie but at least this movie is not bored. Weather it is nice or not, I guess its really personal. Still, the first Predators Acted by Arnold 23 years ago was the best!
It does reminds me one thing tho, that I used to tell my friend/colleagues whenever they picked the fresh seafoods from the tank for the chef to cook, that, imagine we are the fishes and the aliens are hunting us from the sky as food... Hahhaa... pretty much the same huh?

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