Sunday, July 18, 2010

现代糖水店 My HoneyMoon ~ The Modern Dessert Shop




First time had it @ 1U, thought it was not going to hang on long, but after a year, I saw this little Honeymoon shop has quite lot of branches, even in IOI Boulevard.

Normally I'll choose the dessert that mum, aunt, cousin sis, neighours etc that seldom or hardly make, coz they just simply too difficult to defeat! Hahaha, things like red bead, mak zuk or fu zuk barley, mnm, I still prefered homemade or those along the road side :P

Missing those days when we cycling out at 3pm to buy the fresh hot red bean dessert with yao zha guai... hmnm...guess nowaday its too hot to do so eh?

桌面上的甜点都很不错哦,除了那缽仔糕不太合我口味之外。。。榴莲puff 很好吃,很香,又不会太甜。
Durian/Mango Puff tasted good very good, so do the rest as seen here,besides the 'Boot Zai Gou', just... taste not right...

Ice is a must whenever bringing mummy out! Haha.. this Mango thin ice with topping not bad..

Hmn, this is pretty yummy, with coconut milk, mango, sago and pamelon in it!

In fact there are lots of other choices, can give it a try!

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