Saturday, April 10, 2010

谁够我厉害!What can be worst than this?!


早上拿回车场试驾时它又乖乖听话,就是要等我驾着它时耍脾气。 好啊,我是气了整晚,也哭了(一个人撑得很累!)但是既然没在高速公路被车撞死,汽车没着火,做错事没被老板鸟翻天,应该不会有比这个更糟糕的了吧?

所以今天还是选择以礼相待,和车场的人更是熟络了些。。。这样是会好过点的。我当然可以把他们骂臭唱衰(因为基本上是某人没有把螺丝上好!),但是 谁人没粗心过呢?既然小命得以保存,还是留一线当作修行吧?

Who can be better than me eh? Called for tow car service twice within a week! Send for major car service, overhaul, suppose to be better right? No, at first it just seems 'weak', no energy. So I send back the car to check the next, test drive, seems fine. Ok, so I went to work and movie. Then, ta da! It decided to show its tantrum at the shopping mall! It just refused to move! Ok, tried tried tried, waited, finally it moves... then??

Right before the Sunway Toll, its dead! Yeah! With the cars flying across, I shall thank God I am still alive and in one piece, so do my adorable car! So do the tow car and the man and my friend... Hallelujah eh?

Then I was thinking, what can be worst than this? Car broke down at highway, fucked up at work, what else? Hahaha... let see if today anything more than that happen eh?

I am happy I didn's screw any guy from the workshop, we even joked about it... ya apparently someone didn't screw the screw properly (reminds me one of the spaceship accident, an explosion caused by a loose screw)

So yeap, here I am again, appear as a sane, healthy women instead of a victim! Screw you bad aura!


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