Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bukit Gasing (3)_Mushrooms & Creatures's Discovery

Date to remember - 04-04-2010 - First time hiking with my buddy Hooi Hooi! Haha... this crazy lady, super energetic and adventures. There were only 2 of us, yet we just explore the routes without knowing heading where... and you'll keep hearing this 'difficult level 5'... 'difficult level upgrade to 6'... hahaha... And, our luck that day were not just discovering different types of mushrooms, we all saw - Snake, Squarrel, Spider, Monkey (pretty common) & Big Lizard!

4-4-2010,这天早上两个女人在网上交谈,讲到走山,就立刻行动起来了。呵呵。。。所以啊,去到Gasing 已经是中午了,人已经不多咯。


热带的‘秋季’?Tropical Autumn feel eh?

purposely walk back & jump again for the photo..hahaha
Teacher said, follow the stream if you were to lost in the jungle, and you'll find the way out...
Seldom see this type of mushroom...

Manage to snap it before it runs into the bush..

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